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Look Out, Here I Am

Last week, I went to my bank to talk to someone about my business account. As I sat down with the bank executive, he asked me, “How’s your business going? What’s new?” Without a thought, I enthusiastically launched into how I’m currently studying mediumship and will be taking a mastermind class soon. As I heard myself speak, I also heard a voice in the back of my head going, “What you are doing?? You’re talking to a business-suit banker man about communicating with people on the other side! He’s going to think you’re nuts.”

But to my surprise and total relief, this banker man found it interesting and asked me several great questions about what it was like to do a mediumship reading.

The next day when I connected in with our rescue cat Calla, she showed me the sides of her face—one black, one orange—and told me, “There are many sides to me.” That immediately rang true to me. For a petite cat, she has kind of a tough, bruiser walk. When we feed her, she sweetly rolls and high-volume purrs in front of her dish. Even though Faro is bigger than she is and has been here longer, she’ll nudge him off the windowsill when she doesn’t want to share it. But she often curls up close to him at nap time.

Her signature pose is lying on the couch with her front paws stretched off the edge, as if to say, “This is me. I’m here and I’m staying.”

Our animals never really hold back about how they feel, and they never worry what others will think of their unique habits and personality quirks. They fully embrace being seen and heard because they know it’s their right.

Recently I did a guided meditation that surprised me by ending with the affirmation, “I give myself permission to express my own unique self.” I think the more we relax into that permission, the more comfortable we become embracing who we really are…and the more we’ll find those seemingly nothing-in-common people who dig our authenticity (and we'll dig theirs).

As per usual with the universe, it led me to this Carl Jung quote this morning: “Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself.”

I say go speak your truth, be seen, hang your paws off the couch. Make Calla proud.

It’s all about the magic ✨✨✨

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