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about me

Throughout years of struggling with chronic health issues, I tried every single kind of doctor—Western and Eastern. I tried every kind of treatment, from mainstream to kooky. One day I went to an intuitive for a reading and was advised to try Reiki, so I did. Right after the Reiki session, I felt amazing and knew there was something undeniably powerful about it. Shortly after that, I decided to study Reiki as a means for self-healing and balance. It never occurred to me that one day I’d become a practitioner, but during my level 1 class, my world changed. The moment I first started to practice energy work on another student, I felt it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever experienced.


Having always been drawn to animals, I soon developed a passion for practicing Reiki on them as well. As I did more and more distance energy sessions on animals, I began to receive bits of information from them during the treatments. (Barney the cat told me he liked plants and wanted his person to give him cat grass to chew on, for example.)

This led me to study animal communication, because I thought, wow, I can be so much more informed when sending energy to animals if I can talk to them and get their perspective on what they need! Through my animal communication studies, my world changed again. My intuition opened up, and I learned firsthand that our animals are here to help us grow and heal ourselves. 

To me personally, the practice of energy work has brought an understanding of the body’s wisdom, a balanced outlook on life, as well as relief and comfort in the face of issues that Western medicine finds mysterious and untreatable. Animal communication has further opened my eyes to new avenues of healing, the wisdom of the universe, and the existence of incredible unconditional love. In the end, I have to be thankful for the chronic health issues that I once thought were ruining my life. Without them, I wouldn’t have been led to help others on their healing journeys…nor would I know the joy of talking to cats, dogs, horses, and many other delightful creatures walking this earth.

I received my Reiki Master certificate from Jean Bromage and my Animal Communication certification through the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication.


"Julie Ulrich’s ability to create an open, easy, non-judgmental space for her clients while also connecting deeply with their animals leads to an intuitive experience that breaks through challenges in extraordinary ways. Her work with people and their animals heals relationships, breaks unhealthy behavior patterns, and facilitates a deeper bond between human and animal than most people ever thought possible."
- Danielle MacKinnon

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