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“Julie is a masterful energy healer. She creates a peaceful and welcoming environment in her space that you can feel the minute you walk in. She has a gentle touch but the flow of energy through her hands is powerful. She has an amazing ability to zero-in on where to focus her attention during each session. Her training is extensive and she knows exactly how to work with you in every situation. I usually have something specific that I want to work on at my session, but if I don’t, I completely trust her to work intuitively where she is guided to. She occasionally shares intuitive information that comes to her during my sessions. These observations are always insightful and connect to things that I am experiencing at the time. With Julie you get so much more than just a Reiki session! I always leave her sessions feeling peaceful, relaxed, and energized. Julie is a gifted healer.”

Nellie N.


“One day I was telling my acupuncturist that I was feeling very discouraged as the vet had said she had exhausted all means to help my cat, and that he would probably die or need to be put to sleep over the weekend. I felt helpless and I wasn’t ready to give up on him yet. My acupuncturist told me to call Julie Ulrich who is an extraordinary Reiki master who works with animals. It was the best thing I ever did, and he was right, not only is she extraordinary, she is kind and compassionate and very caring. She has special gifts and was able to communicate with my cat and sent him Reiki healing long distance a few times over the next few months. His physical and emotional health improved and he lived another 8 months happy and relatively healthy, and he died peacefully on his own at home. The vet was shocked and I of course was elated and so grateful to Julie. Without any hesitation whatsoever I highly recommend her.”

Shelly Zee

Middletown, NY

“In 2014, one year after my father's death, I had a Reiki session with Julie. Although it wasn't my intention to connect with my father (as I know better than to attach to such an expectation while still grieving and being an active seeker of Higher Consciousness and a healer myself), my father came through, as he had his own plan. Julie presented his message and his very presence on my left side, opposite her, and simply said what I then didn't realize would help heal my grief. The message came in words only my dad would use, and Julie used a gesture of love my dad expressed ever since I was a little girl. She delivered both with only softness that such a compassionate person as Julie could deliver. Grief is such a vulnerable state and should be handled delicately so the natural flow can offer healing. My grief process was nurtured and naturally progressed because of Julie's intuitive ability. And for that I can say I trust her with my Heart and Soul's Path.”

Diana Ponder

Milwaukee, Wisconson

“My animal communication session with Julie left me with no doubt that she was communicating with my recently deceased cat, Peach. Unbeknownst to Julie, I very much wanted to know (and had asked Peach to tell me) if he had passed peacefully or if he had struggled.  The very first message that she relayed from Peach was that he wanted me to know that his passing was peaceful, like falling asleep.  Julie shared the images that she was receiving from Peach, and the mannerisms she described were so true to him!  The messages from my guides about myself resonated strongly with me. Julie was caring and empathic throughout the reading, and I felt comforted by her understanding.”

Aimee F.

Asheville, NC

“Julie put me instantly at ease and made it clear how Reiki would work long distance. What Julie related to me for from the session was spot on. Julie's work with me was a perfect way marker for my progress in my journey and helped me feel more at ease with current happenings in my life. Her insights and advice brought it all home for me. I felt loved, respected and well cared for. I will work with her again!”

Patty Daley

New Mexico

“Julie used distinct, key words to describe both myself and my dog. She intuitively tapped into our relationship and validated thoughts and feelings I've had while also providing news to me on Clover's perceptions of things. I am grateful for our session and suggest this to anyone who is considering -- you will not be disappointed.”

Nicole Genova

Dillon, CO

Julie is an amazing animal communicator! Not only did she help me with the issues with Goofy the dog, she also explained that Goofy had a lesson to teach me. Since then I have been paying more attention to Goofy’s actions as well as the other fur babies in my home. Julie’s reading has profoundly changed my life."

Lisa Carey

Springfield, VA

"I loved my animal communication reading with Julie. She is light, joyful and a pleasure to work with! Julie connected into me and my pet, K'en and was able to share insights on what was going on in my life and how K'en is working every day to bring more play and lightheartedness into my world. Julie shared how K'en is still connected to several of my fur babies who have passed on and continues to work with them daily. I enjoyed the session with Julie and appreciate her insight and wisdom and highly recommend her to others interested in establishing a deeper bond with their animals."

Rebecca Kirson

Atlanta, GA

“Julie gave me a reading the other day for my cat and it was excellent. Julie has studied for many years to perfect her ability to communicate with and understand animals. Not only that, she has the ability to help the pet parent feel comfortable with the reading. Her ability to connect with animals is remarkable!"



“Julie's accuracy blew me away during our animal communication session. She perfectly described my pet's goofy personality, his favorite toys, and how he perceived my recent work trips. I asked questions about developing my own intuition, and she immediately picked up on specific details about my meditation practice from exactly where I like to sit to the music I listen to. It gave me chills! Since our session, I feel more connected to Spirit than ever and know exactly how my pet can help me on my path.”

Kate F.

Brooklyn, NY

“I had an animal communication session for my newly adopted dog, Willow, and me. From the first moment we connected, Julie really made me feel relaxed and like she really cared for my well-being and Willow's too. She had some really accurate and helpful words for me when she connected to my energy before we even started connecting to my dog! When the animal communication part started, I could see that Julie really “got” my dog—she described her interests and personality to a T! Most helpful of all, she talked about why Willow was with us (my family and me) and what her guidance for us was, and it really illuminated some things I've been having difficulty with. I felt very relaxed and very joyful after the session, and have new clarity on some issues, and a new appreciation of our dog and all she does for our family since the session. Thanks Julie!”

Sarah Pole

Grenada, Spain

“I find it important to balance western with eastern treatments, so when my beloved cat Leo was diagnosed with heart disease at the beginning of 2017, I searched for some additional healing for him. Julie came highly recommended to me by my own Reiki master, so I immediately felt at ease with her. She spent a significant amount of time sending Reiki to Leo and afterwards shared with me her experiences which were very insightful and on point. Leo continued to receive Reiki and his quality of life improved. His energy increased and our vet was surprised to see how spry he continued to be. Leo and I were able to enjoy an additional eight months together until his kidneys failed.  After he passed, I reached out to Julie who connected with Leo’s spirit and was able to communicate between us. Being able to connect with him again was a huge comfort and helped answer some open questions. Julie’s intuition is spot on and I have since had her do readings on my other cat Lalo, and have referred her to family and friends. ”

Carla M.B.

Brooklyn, NY

My reading with Julie was truly life changing. I have always been a believer in energy reading, but didn't understand the capacity that my dog could feel and respond to the energy in my home. Getting a chance to communicate with him through Julie gave me the opportunity to acknowledge not only how to make him happier, but also how to make myself happier. I am so grateful for this experience!

Ellie S.


“Julie is 100% the real deal. She was spot on with absolutely everything and was able to provide so much detail! She knew that my dog had an infection in his right ear, that I just bought him a green jacket, and that he gets stiff after a long walk. I could honestly go on and on. I’m so incredibly thankful to Julie. Thanks to her, I had an amazing experience connecting with my dog.”

Destiny M.

Mesa, AZ

"I attended Julie Ulrich’s Animal Communication Workshop recently and was very impressed with the experience overall—great instruction and everything was well organized. I was inspired to sign up because I love animals and wanted to understand my pets’ needs better. I had a lot of fun at the workshop and learned to trust my intuition more. The chakra re-alignment exercises we did were invaluable. It’s a great tool to use even just for myself on a daily basis besides trying to provide the best environment before an intuitive reading. I’m so appreciative of the reading she gave for my dog and me during the workshop. I was amazed at how accurate it was, too! Julie is a genuine, kind, and ethical practitioner and I highly recommend her."

Angela G.

Westchester, NY

"From the first moment I heard Julie's voice, I felt a calmness come over me. My first sessions were readings with my animals. It gave me great relief to know they were ok. I have since had long distance Reiki for myself. I always feel a sense of peace and understanding after. I am very grateful a friend recommended that I seek Julie's services."


Warwick, NY

“I was a nonbeliever until I had a Reiki session with Julie! I felt incredibly calm and light after my session and walked out feeling amazing. It's like acupuncture but without the needles. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a good jolt of positive and healing energy."

Elizabeth B.


Julie Ulrich did an amazing reading for me in regards to possibly adding a new animal member to my family. Julie was so kind and understanding. I highly recommend her."

Julie Austin

Snohomish, WA
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