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When Connection is Second-Nature

Recently, a friend sent me a video of an Apache leader speaking about how Mother Earth is the best teacher. He says that all you have to do is put your hands in a river or ocean or touch a tree and you wake up…your spiritual awakening is triggered. What was once covered, is now awake and open.

connecting with a dog through intuitive animal communication

That last point is monumental to me. We all have the ability to connect energetically and to receive energetic information. We’re all born with innate wisdom we can tap into. Nature is the gift we all have access to that helps us get back to that magic and clarity, after a lifetime of phones, TV, and all kinds of distractions.


A few years ago while experiencing a period of grief and stress, I felt myself going into a panic attack one evening. The anxiety surged through me and my heart began to race, triggering my mind to go to full-on fear and what-ifs. All I knew was that going outside might help.


I’m lucky to have a spacious walking path outside of my Brooklyn building lined with tall, beautiful trees. I picked one and sat with my back against it and asked it to please help me. Then I did the best I could to just allow. First I felt the soles of my feet start to tingle, and after a few minutes, a full wave of calm rushed through me all at once. It felt like a miracle. One minute I was jumping out of my skin, and the next I was calm and clear. I thanked the tree profusely.


Sometimes in my apartment building, I’ll run into a neighbor and her large fluffy dog named Snoopy. If we’re all coming in from outside together, she’ll ask me to go up the stairs ahead of them and coax her dog up while she holds his leash from behind. (Although Snoopy enjoys going down steps, he doesn’t like climbing them.)


I always comply and find myself bouncing up the stairs, enthusiastically saying, “Come on, Snoopy! Come on! You can do it!” As I see Snoopy grow more comfortable with climbing the stairs and wanting to pounce toward me, my energy builds and gets even more celebratory. Thanks to Snoopy, I’m now fully in the present and nothing else matters but this moment. It’s true connection and joy.


Connecting with animals is connecting with nature. Same results. Their pure loving energy helps us release resistance and connect back to who we really are — unconditional love.


Decades ago, I worked in a clothing store. One evening, I had a casual conversation with a coworker as we straightened up after closing. I don’t remember what we were talking about or why he posed this question, but he asked me to guess what month he was born in. I immediately said February, because he felt like a February person to me. There was no thinking, just an all-of-a-sudden feeling. I remember the shocked look on his face as he told me that was correct. When he asked how I knew, I shrugged my shoulders and said something wonderfully weird like, “You seem like February to me.”


This happened a lifetime before I discovered Reiki and way before I ever had an inkling that I could do intuitive work. But connecting with another human’s energy is natural. Seasons are natural. Astrology (planet energy) is natural. I happened to be relaxed and folding clothes at the time of that conversation which kept my logical, 3-D brain occupied so my spidey senses could be open. Doing a mindless task that takes no thinking often occupies our busy mind while opening up the psychic powers. Yes, we all have them!


Putting your hands in the ocean, hugging a tree, loving on your animal are all ways to clear the busy mind and release resistance…with the added bonus of their vibrant, loving, life-force energy flowing through to us.


The more I open myself up to these natural connections, the more I connect naturally with others and my cats. Yesterday when Faro got out of the litter box, Calla jumped right in and started to do her business. Faro looked right into my eyes and I heard “Why, why, why does she have to get in right after me and mess the box up??” Right after Calla jumped out, Faro got in and worked on his version of straightening up the litter.


There are so many ways to wake up, to clear, to connect. It may give you information on litter boxes or the meaning of existence. I know my life is better with both. 💜



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