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The Self-Love Letter

This morning during my meditation, I sat on my cushion with my eyes closed, hands resting in my lap, palms up. I had just breathed through letting go of whatever was not serving me so I could start the day fresh, allowing and gently encouraging any distracting thoughts or worries to slip away.

dog resting on yoga mat during an animal communication session

I then asked the universe to please replenish me and fill in any gaps (after that release) with unconditional love.


The absolute second I asked that, a soft purring head gently landed into my palms. It was my cat Calla, coming out of nowhere (I didn’t even know she was in the room), delivering what I had very specifically asked for. It was a burst of furry love right into my hands (then straight to my heart). And it completely filled me up.


I do a lot of “letting go” work (there’s always stuff to let go of!) in the hopes of clearing the way to move forward and expand compassion and intuitive connection. But I so often forget to ask for support and loving replenishment after the releasing. Today I remembered and the universe answered immediately — it was like placing an order and having the fastest delivery service in the world fulfill it. I just couldn’t deny the timing of it.


Years ago, after becoming a Reiki Master, my intuitive coach kept telling me there was something else I was going to do in my practice in addition to Reiki, but she couldn’t see what it was. I was super curious what this “thing” was (I could tell it felt magical), so every evening, I took time out to pray and ask my guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side to please, please guide me to that thing.


After several months of asking, some very special cat clients started giving me messages during their Reiki sessions. It felt like they were speaking directly to me and it was a new, bewildering experience. It’s what led me to study intuitive animal communication which I then added to my practice. I asked, and I received more than I could have ever imagined. The answer didn’t come right away, but it felt like a super-direct answer nonetheless.


One time at a retreat in Costa Rica where I was doing soul-level work with horses, my (human) group gathered for a discussion where we shared the profound ways the horses were helping us on our spiritual journeys. As I sat on my yoga mat, I silently asked for support and courage to share something rather personal with the group. Just then, the three little dogs who lived at the retreat came over to me and huddled around me on the mat. They each lay down, their warm bodies breathing against me, giving me the sweet comfort I needed in the moment.


In my experience, when you nourish yourself (journaling, just breathing, meditating, exercising, etc.) or when you explore something that lights you up and then ask for support, the universe never fails. It’s happy to contribute to your growth and energetic experience. It’s thrilled to lend you a hand (or a soft, furry cat in your hand) and expand on the love.


So give yourself some real love, and then ask for more and see what magic you get. The universe loves self-love — it’s always going to amplify the vibes when you feed your soul.


There’s an unlimited supply of love in the universe and unlimited ways it can show up for you. Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s what helps us heal and what keeps the world spinning (even after February 14th). 💗





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Feb 15

What a fabulous post! So inspirational! Jane Doyle

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