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Believe Your Ears

About a week ago, I was sitting on my bed playing a game on my phone, just taking a break between tasks. Then at my left ear, I heard my name. That’s all, just “Julie.” I immediately looked to my left and saw no one (duh, I knew I was alone in my apartment). I remember thinking, ok, that was SO WEIRD. And then I didn’t really think about it again.

This past weekend I went upstate for another mediumship class with Lisa Williams. On Saturday afternoon, we broke out into small groups to practice reading each other. Another student I’ll call Carrie brought through a cat whom she felt was mine. When she said, “This cat has a distinct black mark on her ear,” I knew immediately it was Coco, the cat I grew up with. One of her ears was perfectly half black, half orange, and once in a while I'll see that ear during my meditations and know she's there.

Then Carrie said, “Your cat wants you to know when you hear your name, it’s her.”

My jaw dropped. I often talk to animals on the other side in my work as an animal communicator. I’ve seen so many ways that they can come through—feeling them jump on the bed at night, glimpsing them out of the corner of your eye, seeing their name somewhere randomly. I know there’s magic all around us, yet never in my wildest dreams would I imagine an animal literally saying my name in my ear.

This class was “platform mediumship,” where each student had to get up in front of the group of twenty and connect to a human on the other side, with our teacher at the back evaluating. I’d only ever done one-on-one readings, and many of the students were way more advanced than I. I became more and more nervous as the weekend progressed. I kept thinking, when I get up there, will I be able to connect? Will someone in the audience know I have THEIR loved one? Will I crack? Will it work? And, can I just talk to an animal instead?

Yes, I talk about magic all the time, but this weekend I was succumbing to all that human stuff— doubts, comparisons, 3-D tunnel vision. Coco knew precisely what I needed to remind me that the magic is real and not going anywhere.

The truth is, our animals and humans on the other side are always around us and can come through in ways we can’t even imagine. They know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it. If we just believe and allow, we’ll connect.

When I got up in front of the class, I ended up connecting to one of my teacher’s loved ones (no pressure), and I was so relieved it worked.

And now I see the best thing to do—trust, let go...and play it by ear. 👂

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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