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The Heart of Intention

Every time I get up from my desk in my home office, our foster cat Faro (who is very well fed by the way) jumps from his box a few feet away and races after me, hoping beyond hope that I’m going into the kitchen.

Because I always feel super bad when he follows me but it’s not his dinnertime yet, I decided to use some energy on the situation.

Now when I get up, I focus on what I’m going to do, instead of thinking, I hope I don't disappoint Faro who wants yet another meal right now. I drop into my heart and lead with it instead of my brain. I’m singularly focused on doing the dishes or taking out the trash...And it works every time—Faro actually stays in his box because he reads my energy and knows what the deal is.

Last week my boyfriend and I and another couple, exhausted from kayaking upstate, decided to catch the 5:09 pm train back to Manhattan. The train after that would get us back way later than we wanted, and we all had an additional trek to Brooklyn to make.

By the time our Uber came though, we had just a couple of minutes to make the five-minute drive to the station. Immediately, my friend Nellie and I focused on how we WOULD make the train, even though the clock and the Uber app disagreed. I called on any angels available to help, and truly believed in my heart we’d make the 5:09.

Laser-focused, Nellie and I got in the Uber first and didn’t say a word. After the guys jumped in, the driver determinedly said, “Let’s get you to the train,” and proceeded to peel out. We cruised down back streets but were stopped in our tracks by a car backing out of a driveway one block from the station.

Despite that delay, our train was at the platform when we arrived at the station, but we still had to race down a flight of steps, across an underpass, and up two more flights. Totally exhausted and feeling like I was moving in slow motion, I was the last one to hop into the train just as the doors shut behind me.

Nellie’s boyfriend assumed we had told the driver our predicament before he got in the car, but we hadn’t said a word.

Our energy influenced an Uber driver and the space/time continuum as far as I’m concerned. The three-point turn was thrown in to show us how the physical world is no match for intention.

If our energy can affect cats in boxes and trains at stations, it can create jobs, relationships, and joy itself. Being present in our hearts activates our power source. The best part? We can plug in anywhere, anytime.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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