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Will The Real You Please Stand Up

I’m currently cat-and-apartment sitting in Manhattan, and over the weekend I received a distance energy healing session from a friend. Afterwards, while my friend and I discussed on the phone what came up during the treatment, the cat jumped on the bed, looked into my eyes, then scanned my body from head to toe. Then she did it again. I got the clear message she was assessing my energy and giving approval of the treatment.

A couple of days later, another friend did a shamanic cleansing on me. This time the cat came into the room, jumped on a stool next to me, and observed every move of my shaman friend. She was clearly supervising again.

One time when I was meditating, I opened my eyes to see the cat’s face in my face. At some point she had come to sit super-close next to me.

Years ago, I played the flute at a friend’s wedding in a glass-walled Unitarian church tucked in the fairy-tale-like woods of Connecticut. After the ceremony, I was told that while I had been playing, a deer came up to the glass to listen.

Animals operate at a high vibration (due to being masters of unconditional love) and are super sensitive to energy and more high vibrations. That’s why the cat was drawn to me when I meditated and when I had energy work done on me. When I played the flute (I really should take it up again), I thought only of the music, not of all that human stuff like, how do I look right now…what are they serving at the reception…will there be traffic later?

When we connect with energy, meditate, play music—whatever makes our heart sing—we vibrate higher and come back to the essence of ourselves.

I heard a talk by Anita Moorjani the other day where she mentioned the Michelangelo quote, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Anytime we do what we love or get centered, we chip away to find who we really are.

When my friend was working on my throat chakra during the distance healing session, she saw a visual of the game show To Tell The Truth. When we get to the essence of who we really are, we stand in our truth every day. I do Reiki, talk to animals intuitively, and am learning mediumship. And every time I do those things, it’s like I’m hearing “May the real Julie please stand up.”

How can your real self stand up today? When you do, make way for the animals—because they love it. ❤️

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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