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The Master Teachers

One wonderful thing about the mediumship course that I took two weeks ago at Omega was that I got to exchange practice readings with other students in the class. That meant that for the entire week, I was blown away by my relatives coming through with messages from the other side.

One loved one said now that she’s on the other side, she sees that the health issues she had on earth did not define her. She now knows that’s not who she really is. Another relative said he’s with me when I meditate and he’s learning from that—that in his life, he never knew about this way to get connected and know yourself better.

I struggle with a chronic health issue that can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that first message inspires me to deal with it better. I know what I get out of my meditation practice, but to know that a loved one is experiencing it too makes me even more motivated to do it.

So I continue to be blown away—about the wisdom to be gained on the other side, that our loved ones can totally share it with us (and we with them)—and how animals have mastered all of that wisdom already!

In my work, I talk to animals who are alive and crossed over, and they have extraordinary wisdom in both places. It’s because they are masters of unconditional love from the start—that makes them THE master teachers. In my eyes, they’re the deans of all human faculty, here and on the other side.

What’s so cool is that the more we connect with our animals, the more we connect with that unconditional love that we’re all here to learn about, the more we're open to receive wisdom and messages from the universe and the other side.

In this morning’s meditation, I heard my cat Willow’s purr—she had a very distinctive purr and I’d know it anywhere, even though she passed seven years ago. My heart filled and I was thrilled to connect with her, but I also started to wallow in missing her. Then I sat down to write this post and saw a furry face that lit me up. →

And this is what I learned from the masters today—anytime you get a message, take it to heart, be inspired, feel grateful—whether it’s from the other side or the other side of your laptop.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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