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You Are Light

On Sunday I went to a psychic fair where you could get free readings from a class of students graduating in mediumship. We were asked to bring a loved-one’s picture and five questions, so I brought my grandmother’s photo, and asked questions about everything from my career to health to relationships.

It was clear my reader connected in with my grandmother right away by the specific things she told me. What I didn’t expect was to receive the same answer for each of my five questions. The medium relayed each answer from my grandmother by putting her hand on her heart and saying “You are light.” Then she continued to explain, “Since you’re light, why do you worry? There’s too much going on in your head. Go to your heart, remember you are light, and you can do anything.”

The next day I was sitting at my desk all afternoon in front of my home-office window. For several hours, the sun kept going in and out. Every time it went in, I turned on my desk lamp. Then two minutes later the sun came bursting out again, and I turned my lamp off. This happened over and over, and I found myself frustrated with the sun for appearing and disappearing.

It occurred to me that it’s funny to say the sun keeps going in and out, when in reality it’s the clouds doing the moving around and shielding it or letting it shine. I thought about my grandmother telling me I’m light, and I thought of the thought clouds that cover that light up.

I say this all the time: Everyone in the world has the ability to intuitively connect with animals. We’re born being able to do it—we’re so connected and in tune to the energy around us as babies. But as we grow up, we adopt the human way of thinking and believing, like…I have to suffer to make it in life, nothing good ever happens to me, this dress will make me look fat, etc.

By learning how to manage our energy, we can move those clouds away to unblock our natural connection to source and self-love. When we do that and attempt to intuitively connect to an animal, they’re psyched and can’t wait to talk to us.

This morning I managed my energy with deep belly breaths and meditation, and then I intuitively connected in with our foster cat Faro. He showed me an image of him sitting in the open window and told me he loves taking in the smells, the sounds, and the sights. I could feel in my lungs how the air felt for him as he breathed it in. In that moment, Faro showed me what it’s like to be completely present, connected to your light, and enjoying every moment.

Isn’t that what grandmas and animals everywhere are trying to tell us all the time?—You are light. You are awesome. And you can make those clouds bust a move.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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