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Time to Get Close

Whoever saw this coming? (Besides the one psychic that I know of…?) But really, who could ever imagine a virus that would so outrageously and drastically change the daily life that we know so well, all around the globe?

I’ve always been sort of a germaphobe, with tons of anti-bacterial gel on hand, in every bag I carry. For years, I’ve gelled my earphones before placing them in my ears. Ever since getting an illness that completely waylaid me twelve years ago, I fear my body letting me down. So I’ve had to figure out something quick to keep myself sane and well.

In the midst of social distancing, I discovered getting closer is the key. Here are four things I’ve been connecting closely to:

1. Myself. I’ve been doing two daily meditations, yes two, because that’s what it takes for me personally to feel ok and myself these days. A big part of it is deep belly breaths and visualizations. They calm my body and mind in huge ways. I also spend time doing what I’m passionate about—readings, Reiki, and mediumship studies. That’s what lights me up.

2. Spirit. I talk to guides, angels, God, and my grandparents on the other side, asking for protection and healing for those close to me and around the globe. It helps to feel that connection with those who are wiser than we are, while we figure it out as we go here on earth.

3. Friends and family. Our phones work, and that’s a great thing. I’ve been calling up whoever pops into my mind. Connecting with those I love brings me back to Love.

4. Animals and plants. This one’s my favorite. My cats and plants are still living their best lives as per usual. I love watching them exist in this “everything’s status quo” energy. They help me stay calm which helps them in return. It’s a powerful cycle of love.

So much of what’s going on now is the fear of the unknown, and that’s probably the scariest thing a human can face. Besides the vitamins, rest, and healthy food for our bodies, let’s build up our immunity to the fear. Whatever resonates with you to forget the stress, go for it.

I have to believe we’re going through this to come out stronger. I know we will. In the meantime, sending LOVE to all of you.

Now, let’s distance ourselves and connect. ❤️

It’s all about the magic ✨✨✨

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