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Answers To Come...

Last summer during my final session of a mediumship mentorship course, my teacher did a reading for me, relaying spot-on information about my grandparents. Then at one point she said, “There is a small Bible that you have of theirs.” I didn’t know what she meant—I thought maybe my parents had one, but they didn't know anything about it.

Last week I was cleaning out my old room at my parents’ house in preparation for their upcoming move. There in a drawer by my bed I found a tiny New Testament Bible, and inside was an inscription from my grandmother to my grandfather. I had no idea it was there, and finding it felt like a super-direct, full-of-love hello from my grandparents.

One day this week, I felt urgently drawn to watch a video on dealing with grief, during which a memory popped into my head. A few weeks after my cat Willow passed, I was standing at the kitchen sink and heard her meow as clear as day behind me. I whipped around fully expecting to see her there—I didn’t see her, but there was no denying what I’d heard, and it made me feel wonderful. It was curious to me why I had been drawn to that video and why that memory came up so vividly.

An hour later, while connecting to a cat on the other side in a reading, my client told me she recently heard her cat meow, but was doubting whether it was real or her imagination. Her cat immediately told me it was real, and that I’d had the memory of Willow shortly before to drive the point home. According to him, what my client experienced was just as true as what I had experienced. Being able to pass that message on to her is why I do this work.

Willow had passed way earlier than I expected her to, and every day after I asked the universe why. In my devastation, I decided to study Reiki so I could practice it on myself as a tool for comfort and healing. I never thought I’d do it professionally, but it felt so good to me, I ended up starting a practice. From there I was led to study animal communication as well, and my life forever changed.

It took me years to understand that Willow left when I was ready for the next phase in my life—to be led to study work that makes my heart sing.

So often things happen in our lives that at the time we don’t have the tools to understand. The challenge is to be patient and let life unfold without pushing for answers. Whether it takes an hour or a lifetime, the clarity that reveals itself is SO worth the wait. ❤️

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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