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Listening Will Get You Everywhere

In my morning meditations, I always check in with Mr. Big, a horse I’ve worked with in two Costa Rican workshops. I did pretty deep soul work with him, so I consider him a brilliant teacher. Recently he showed me something we did together that I hadn’t remembered in a while.

I was blindfolded on Mr. Big’s back, doing a guided meditation as another animal communicator led him around the arena. At one point, Mr. Big stopped and stood still. No one could get him to move, and he communicated that being still was what I needed. Afterwards, I realized he stopped right when my back started hurting—due to excruciating back spasms I had at the time. Back then, I was amazed that Mr. Big was so in tune with me and we were so connected.

When he showed me this scene a few days ago, I knew there was more to it—that he was telling me to stop everything and take care of myself because I hadn’t been feeling well.

A day later, I came across a healing meditation I hadn’t known of before. The next day, I saw this quote in a Facebook group:

Reconnecting with our physical body takes only a few moments of stopping and breathing with awareness. We all have time for this, and yet we do not do it. It is strange that we are scared of what happens to our physical body when we die, and yet we are not truly enjoying our physical body while we are alive.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Well, that did it. I felt like Mr. Big and the universe were hitting me over the head with the message to listen to my body. My usual comfort zone is head stuff, like psychic work, constant thinking and analyzing, etc. This time I listened, prioritized my body, and rested for a few days. Then I felt ready to do the healing meditation I had found.

As soon as I was done, I received a sweet text from my boyfriend out of the blue. The next minute, I received a phone call with unexpected good news. Two minutes later, UPS knocked on my door with a package that I thought was lost. I sat back down and our kitty Faro trotted up and rubbed against me. He’s obsessed with my boyfriend—on the rare occasion Faro initiates affection with me, it’s when some energetic magic is occurring.

It’s so easy to ignore the universe’s messages—who has time to stop and do something new? But when we’re repeatedly shown the same thing in various unexpected ways, it’s important to be a good student and do the assignment. Then, the universe is so happy you listened, it piles on tons of good stuff. Stuff that feels like energetic confetti.

It has to happen that way—it’s the law of the universe…and limitless abundance is my favorite bylaw.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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