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Who's The Master?

In 2015 when I became a certified Reiki master (before it ever occurred to me to do animal communication), my first paying client found me. Shelly lived upstate, had three senior cats, and asked me to do distance Reiki sessions for them on a regular basis.

To my surprise and slight confusion, during the distance Reiki sessions, I began to receive messages from the cats. During Barney’s session, I heard the sentence, “I like plants.” When sending Reiki to Betty, I knew that she rarely purred but she purred during our distance sessions. And Snowflake showed me an image of a blue collar when I sent Reiki to him.

It took me a while to get up the courage to tell Shelly what I was receiving, but when I did, she excitedly confirmed each message. She also encouraged me to find out more information from her cats and tell her everything. And that’s how I decided to study animal communication.

Over the years I continued to do Reiki for Shelly and her cats, and each time I studied something new—readings for animals and people and, most recently, mediumship—Shelly was the first in line for me to practice on her, with unending support all the way.

This past Saturday, after a long illness, Shelly passed away. I am heartbroken that the world lost such a beautiful soul. On Monday at her funeral, several people spoke about her remarkably kind and magical spirit (the word “magic” came up more than once). It was at the service I learned Shelly used to carry a magic wand in her purse and wave it around anyone who was feeling down, so she could put a smile on their face and lift their spirits.

Here I am, posting blogs for the past two years about the magic in our everyday lives, and Shelly had been waving her wand way before she met me.

Even though it was my job and passion to support Shelly and her cats, I realized I came away with the real gift, and then started to feel I hadn’t given her enough in return. But the truth is, every time we support, give, or just listen to another, we learn and receive amazing things as well. When our hearts are open, the giving and receiving blend into a beautiful balance.

And when someone comes into our lives, we can’t begin to imagine the potential magic that can happen.

When I came home from the funeral on Monday, I realized I have a magic wand on my desk in my pencil cup—I’ve had it for years and have no idea where I got it. Now it’s going into my backpack…so watch out if I see you on the street. I’ve just learned from the master how to wield it for the greatest and highest good. ❤️

✨✨✨✨It’s all about the magic. ✨✨✨✨

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