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What A Present

The other night a friend contacted me, frantic and panicked because her indoor/outdoor kitty hadn’t come home for dinner like he always does. I immediately grew super concerned as well. When she asked if I could connect in with him to see if he was ok, I knew it would take a lot to get past my current worried state. I managed my energy with three different techniques before I felt zen enough to invite the cat’s energy in. When connected, I immediately sensed his heart beating excitedly and that he felt a bit cold. He showed me he was walking by trees and thrilled to be out “past curfew.”

I told him his mom was super worried and asked how he felt about going home. Then my connection went black. He literally hung up on me. So I re-managed my energy and connected back in with him with his permission. Again, I saw him outside having fun, told him his mom was worrying, and asked how did he feel about going home? This time I saw him turn his head away from me, like a pouty teenager refusing to talk.

I respectfully disconnected with him and told my friend that her cat showed no indication of coming home, and even though a bit cold, he was out having fun. My friend’s energy shifted to relief, and feeling calmer, she decided to wait up for him a bit longer. Ten minutes later she texted me to say he had come home. “He listened to you!” she wrote.

Here’s what I know is true: You can never tell an animal what to do—the cat may have heard what I said, but it was fully his own decision to come home. What I am sure about is that as soon as my friend’s energy shifted, she was more open to the unknown future and that’s where the awesome possibilities happen. Just like when I prepared to connect in with the cat, I shifted from being anxious about what I would find out to being open to whatever was going to come through. After that, the cat did connect with me, but when I veered toward the topic of when and if he’d come home, he cut me off.

Recently I’ve had several clients ask me to ask their animals if a current treatment will make the animal’s physical ailment all better. What the animal tells me is how it feels right now in this moment. If I ask to see the future, they bring me back to “it feels good right now, right where we are.”

Animals show us over and over again that the only place we need to be is the present. They see clearly what a waste of time and energy it is to worry and create worst-case scenarios. And they know the coolest part—that the more we exist in the present without angst and fear, the more open we are to allowing and attracting in all the good stuff.

And the journey to the good stuff? It’s even better than staying out past curfew.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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