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Are You In Control?

I traveled a lot this month, and there’s nothing like four airports and four flights in a short time to reveal your control-freak tendencies. Each time, I carefully chose my seat ahead of time, arrived super early, stocked the right amount of snacks…and then a vague fear of flying crept in.

At one point on a flight to LaGuardia, the plane suddenly shifted to a deep downward angle. It seemed too early to descend, and the man next to me shifted nervously and frantically looked around the plane for a sign that everything was ok. (No one else seemed fazed.) Me? I freaked out with my seat mate, worse-case scenarios racing in my head. After a minute, the pilot announced we were in fact descending, and we landed smoothly shortly thereafter.

Lately in animal communication readings, clients have asked me to tell their animal to stop doing something, like scratching on furniture or feeling anxious when alone. I really wish it could work that way, but I know there’s usually a deeper message in the animal’s behavior for the client. So I have to be careful to stay open to the connection and allow the reading to go the way the animal, in all his wisdom, wants it to go—not the way I think it should go. Then the coolest messages flow in.

Every time I cat-sit for one of my favorite cats in the world, she loves to get on my lap for a cuddle session. The other day after getting dinner for her, I sat and scrolled non-stop on my phone, fervently analyzing my social media. The cat jumped up next to me but wouldn’t climb on me as usual, though I wanted her to. When I finally realized I didn’t like my own energy and tossed the phone aside, she got on my lap and purred in my face.

When we shift out of “I have to be prepared for everything and everything has to go perfectly" mode, we find our center, connections happen, and life flows. (And when you trust that an experienced pilot knows what he’s doing, you can relax and realize that time flies when you’re watching last year’s movie on that little Delta screen.)

Sounds great, right? Yesterday as I decided to blog about the need for control, I entered the subway for what should have been a forty-five minute ride. An excruciating ONE HOUR and forty-five minutes later I got off the train due to delays and a snail’s pace. Though super frustrated, I got the message—I have more work to do on this. I just hope the MTA is done with the teaching. 🙄

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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