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The Divine Way To Be Selfish

Lately, a non-stop schedule has gotten the best of me. You know when you’re so overwhelmed that things you like to do for yourself fall to the wayside? When getting enough rest, meditating, or vegging in front of the TV feel indulgent—even a bit selfish—to carve out the time to do?

On Monday, I reached my limit and decided within my jam-packed day to take a break to feed my soul again. So I arranged to receive a mediumship reading from a fellow student in my class. She brought through my grandmother, gave me a lot of spot-on details about her, and relayed her message to me: “Don’t second-guess what you want. Make the most of right now.”

A few minutes after I hung up from the reading, I was sitting at my desk by my open window, and as clear as day I heard my grandmother’s doorbell. It was a unique, eight-note, sing-song-y ring that I hadn’t thought of in ages. And there it was, right outside my window. I have no idea what was making the sound, but I knew it was her, insisting that I get her message.

Monday night, I took another break to go to a shamanic circle. Once there, I realized I had forgotten to bring my beaded red suede pouch that holds my hematite stones—I love their protective, comforting energy when I’m in overwhelmed mode.

At the circle, we journeyed to connect to a guide and receive a message for someone else in the room. We took turns saying the messages out loud and then picked a name out of a hat to reveal who the message was for. When one man took his turn, he said, “I’ve never gotten such a specific message before—your grandmother is ok and she’s handing you the red cloth with the white stars on it.” Then he picked my name out of the hat. My grandmother was still with me, this time reminding me of my symbol of self-care and comfort.

When I got home after the circle, our foster cat Faro came up to me, meowed sweetly, and gave me a slow, extended head butt. Faro likes me, but rarely initiates affection with me—my boyfriend is truly his number one. So this time I felt overwhelmed in a good way.

When we get lost in the stresses of the world and let things slide that really nourish us, it's like losing ourselves a bit. But the moment we decide to shift the focus back to our needs and what makes us feel good, an abundance of answers, love, and support come flooding in.

My grandma and Faro would agree that’s not selfish at all.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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