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Access to Expansion

I heard Chris Martin (the lead singer of Coldplay) say in an interview recently that he believes everyone is musical, because music is vibration and that’s what we're all made of. I loved that he made this point. The fact that we are vibration (period!) means any other vibration around us can have an impact on us and affect our energy in any number of infinite ways. So, even if you yourself don’t sing or play an instrument, I bet music moves you all the time…that a song helps you through grief or to celebrate a wonderful event...that it helps you exercise, or makes you feel something while watching a movie, whether it’s joy or fear or compassion. In this sense, your connection or knowledge of music is maybe more comprehensive than you thought.

I agree with Chris Martin, and would add that everyone is an intuitive animal communicator, medium, and psychic, because all of that is vibration, and vibration is what we’re made of. Once you realize this, your experience in this life can be truly expansive, as you realize you have access to many more options than you originally thought.

One of the things that surprised me about animal communication is how animals can give us intuitive information in many different ways — an image in our mind’s eye, a physical or emotional feeling, a sound, a smell, a taste…One time at the beginning of a phone reading with a dog, I smelled that “dog scent.” The pup actually gave me her smell as confirmation that her energy was there and ready for a conversation. Sometimes when I sense my cat Willow around me, I get a very sweet taste in my mouth — her sign for me that her love is still there. And then there was the day that I, alone at home, literally heard my name coming from somewhere off to the right of me. I hadn’t shared that with anyone, but a week later when receiving a mediumship reading, I was told that my cat Coco on the other side was saying, “Whenever you hear your name, that’s from me.”

Yes, our “radio” waves can expand and pick up amazing information in amazing ways.

I recently watched the documentary The Elephant Whisperers. At one point in the film, the woman caregiver of a young injured elephant (named Raghu) describes a time when she was experiencing a deep loss, and that Raghu wiped away her tears with his trunk as she grieved. The woman doesn’t describe herself as an intuitive animal communicator — I don’t think she would see herself that way. She didn’t have to “tell” Raghu that she was grieving or send him an intuitive picture. He was able to receive her vibration naturally and respond with his own loving energy, which she fully understood. The two of them were truly healing each other, their relationship expanding in beautiful ways.

We’re all natural empaths, music appreciators, and mediums. We can study and practice to open that up more, but remembering that it’s all already a natural part of us is the biggest key to expansion.

Chris Martin also talked about how hard-of-hearing audience members at Coldplay concerts can be given technology called “subpacs” that they can wear on their bodies so they can feel the bass frequencies of each song. A sign-language interpreter signs the lyrics for them, and their experience of the music is beautifully expanded.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional musician, animal caregiver, or psychic medium, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand to experience the magic that they do. Because it’s all just energy. And energy — and expansion — is you. ✨

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