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Remembering Yourself

Sometimes our foster cat Faro stares into my eyes with his big peepers, and I get overwhelmed. I feel like he’s staring into my soul (in the best way—not creepy!). Yes, I’m an animal communicator and I still get overwhelmed in that moment of him seeing me so intensely.

Last week I went to a shamanic circle and the shaman told us it’s often easier for us to get messages when journeying for another person than for ourselves. (Journeying is where you connect with a guide while the shaman drums, to see where the guide takes you and what they show you.) It made sense to me—I do readings and Reiki sessions all the time for others, but information about my own path and healing is more challenging to connect with.

I’m currently reading the novel The Healing by Jonathan Odell, and in it there’s a healer who talks to her young apprentice about “remembering.” In order to open up your intuition, the healer says, you need to remember yourself. In order to intuitively connect to another person, you need to remember them—even if you’ve never met them before.

It’s like when I teach an animal communication workshop, I explain that we’re all born with the ability to intuitively connect to animals and other humans—as babies and toddlers we’re super connected to the energy around us. As we grow up, we take on all the human-world stuff that covers up that connection—fears, stresses, insecurities. But that connection is always there. We just need to learn how to move the blocks aside and remember who we really are—bright lights that come from love.

And now I get it—that’s where Faro is coming from when he looks into my eyes. He wants me to see the light and love in both of us. (When he nips my ankles and jumps in and out of his box, that’s a whole other message and I better grab the feather-on-a-stick.)

Yesterday I saw an outrageously cute viral video of two toddler boys running to hug each other after not seeing each other in two days. One of the boys’ fathers said he feels the video is so popular because it’s a beautiful moment between two two-year-old boys of different races, given the state of the world today. I think it’s also the perfect depiction of being 100% connected to energy and love before any disconnection can influence us.

Seeing ourselves and each other is where we find our power and our peace. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard. I’m going to remember that every time I get lost in those big green eyes. 😻

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