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The Truth Behind It

Last night I had a moment while watching a scene in a Netflix show. An awesome character died heroically, his girlfriend by his side the whole time, and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. There’s always been something about stories with two people in love who can’t be together that I totally can’t handle. I was a blubbering mess.

Earlier today I read something about animals getting to safety in hurricane Dorian and I cried again. I can’t watch the nightly news ever, really, and my body often can’t handle certain kinds of foods or plane or boat rides without some kind of remedy.

For most of my life this sensitivity was a real pain and I didn’t like that aspect of myself at all—needing more sleep than anyone I know, feeling things really hard, and fearing lots of stuff out there. But that sensitivity ended up leading me to the work I’m doing now which I love, and I’ve never been happier. It even actually gave me some basic tools for learning Reiki and intuitive work.

Our foster cat Faro LOVES my boyfriend. They play like crazy together and he loves to cuddle with Adam too. But sometimes in the middle of a cuddle session, Faro bites Adam and hops away. The blood flows and it’s not cool. I’m a little too emotionally invested in the situation, so I asked a fellow animal communicator to talk to Faro about it.

Faro told my friend that he sees Adam as another boy kitten in the litter—(Faro is about four years old and a giant kitten) —and that he loves roughhousing and cuddling with him. I loved that description of their relationship—it makes so much sense and perfectly describes their bond. Faro wouldn’t think twice about cuddling with another kitten in his litter, then playfully biting him and scampering away.

I realized what I thought was a bad, problem situation was something actually stemming from a good place. Having an understanding about Faro's perspective and exploring letting him know that we love his relationship with Adam, but biting hurts, is helping the situation.

Is there something about yourself that you wish were different? Has someone hurt you or you hurt someone but didn’t mean to? All of these situations bring imbalance and heightened emotions, but with going deeper, there can be information and understanding. And that helps you find the tools to re-balance and allow in all the good things the universe wants you to have.

I know I’m going to continue to watch Netflix and sob, repeating “why, why?” to the TV. Because that’s who I am. And that’s ok. The more we are who we are, the better we can see each other. ✨

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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