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The Power of Be

I’ve been seeing the Wayne Dyer quote “I am a human being, not a human doing” a lot lately. As someone with an overactive, create-my-own-stress brain, just “being” has never come naturally to me. So how do you just be, I wondered. Then the universe started to show me.

I have a memory game on my phone where you turn any two out of thirty-six face-down tiles over to see if they match. I’m ok at it, but then one day I freaked myself out. While I was waiting for something to load on my computer, I absentmindedly started the memory game, turned the first two tiles over, and they matched. I started a new game and matched the first two tiles again. I did it four times in a row. All while my brain had been in a sort of limbo, just waiting for something to load.

This week I keep thinking about Cosmo, a horse I went on an intensely rocky trail ride with in Costa Rica last year. It was prior to my kidney stone surgery, and I was more often in pain than not, but didn’t want to miss out on the ride. When I got in the saddle, Cosmo told me one thing: “Be in the joy.” The ride was scary, thrilling, and outrageously fun. By doing nothing but stay present with Cosmo and the lush views around me, I experienced a pain-free three-hour extreme trail ride.

I have a mentor teacher I’m studying mediumship with, and we Skype once a week. Recently she led me through an exercise called “Sitting in Your Power,” where you connect with your own energy, become aware of the light within you, and then sort of just revel in it. A few minutes in, as I was floating in the most delicious feeling, our cat Faro came running into the room meowing. He got on his hind legs, put his paws on my legs and continued meowing. It was a total “I want some of this! Let me in on this!” message.

Afterwards I asked my teacher if she heard my cat meowing during the exercise. She replied, “Yes, and my dog ran into my room too at the same time!”

Now I think of “be” as the absence of “need.” When I don’t need to find two matching tiles I do. When I don’t need to worry about my back, I have no pain. When I don’t need to accomplish anything but being still in my own energy, the animals come running.

And if the furry masters of unconditional love are attracted to you, think of what else will flow in…Better yet, don’t think.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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