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Cosmic Connections

On the morning of July 4th, I cried on the phone with my friend Jen after her cat had passed away hours before. After I hung up, I kept crying and couldn’t stop. A ton of stuff was coming up around losing my cat Willow seven years ago. I felt like I was in the depths of grief all over again, and I wasn’t sure why it was coming up so strongly so many years later.

This past weekend I did an animal communication reading for a new client and her cat Peach who’s on the other side. During the reading, remarkable similarities came up between Peach’s and Willow’s passings and the client’s and my specific experiences around them. I did my best to communicate Peach’s messages of wisdom and love to the client.

Afterwards, I asked the client how she found me to book the session. She answered that she really didn’t know.…She didn’t remember why she went to her laptop that morning, how she found me in a search, but she knew when she found me that it felt right.

Then I realized her booking had come through the morning of July 4th when I was crying uncontrollably about Willow.

This week another client booked a distance Reiki session for her cat Snowflake. I had the option to do it anytime between Sunday and today, and for some reason felt I needed to do it Tuesday. While I was sending him Reiki yesterday, Snowflake showed me a message of processing stuck energy and the importance of moving forward.

Right after Snowflake’s session, I got on the phone with my friend Sara who told me that a cat recently passed away belonging to her sister and brother-in-law, and that they were deep in grief. I offered to check in with the cat on the other side to get a message for his loved ones and asked what the cat’s name was. Sara replied, “Snowflake.”

The odds of me encountering two cats named Snowflake in one day are crazy. The odds of a client with the same specific experience as me booking me while I’m processing that experience seven years later are crazy. And I love crazy. Because it tells me that Willow and Peach worked to bring that client and me together. And that both Snowflakes teamed up on the same day to reinforce the importance of processing emotions and moving forward.

And you know why we can move forward? Because our animals (here and on the other side) are constantly supporting us, as is the universe and the energy around us. And if we have faith in that, we’ll find who and what we need just when we need it most.

At least that’s what I learned this week from a willow, a peach, and two snowflakes. 🌳🍑❄️❄️

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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