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Now Hear This

Right as I sat down to meditate before an animal communication reading the other day, a piercing car alarm went off outside my building. Then as the alarm continued to blare, someone started yelling through a bullhorn. I couldn’t believe the timing of this double-whammy of annoying, distracting noise because I'm usually always amazed at how the universe provides the perfect conditions for a reading.

Thankfully it was quieter at the start of the reading, and I was able to connect in with my client and her dog. Halfway through, the client asked why her dog now has anxiety about going to his pet sitter’s house. When I asked her dog, he told me the last time he was there, he heard a loud sound that he didn’t understand and it freaked him out. The client told me she understood and knew exactly what that sound was, and she’d be able to have the pet sitter prevent it from occurring the next time her dog was there.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Diana on the phone as she sat in her back yard at her home in the Midwest. Just when she started really opening up to me about powering through recent struggles with a life change and big move, I heard a bird on her end singing super loudly—so loudly he almost drowned out her voice.

I asked Diana if I could take a minute, and I invited the bird’s energy in. He showed me a red tuft on his head, and I asked why he got our attention in that moment. He told me that as Diana was speaking her truth, it was very healing for her. He was chiming in with, “Sing it loud, sister!”

When I told Diana about the red tuft and the message, she remembered a male cardinal had recently joined her on her back deck and watched her intently as she prepared to do a full moon ritual for herself.

The universe understands us and is poised to support us in any way it can. It brought my attention to disturbing sounds, strengthening my connection to the dog’s experience of being thrown off by noise. The cardinal brought needed support and comfort to Diana around her new life in a new home.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is a Rashida Jones tweet from 2013: “I really feel like my iPod shuffle understands me today.” How many times have random songs been exactly what you needed to hear in the moment?

So here’s my cardinal rule: Open up and listen. There’s support all around. Siren or song, the message is right on—and doesn’t skip a beat.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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