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You’re Psychic—I Promise

I have a box sitting in my home office because I thought our foster cat Faro would like it. I keep some of his toys in it, but he never really pays much attention to it. The other day while Faro sat in the window, I looked at the box and thought to myself, “I guess I should just get rid of this box since Faro doesn’t use it.”

About thirty minutes later, Faro got in the box. And he’s been in it pretty much ever since. He sits in it, he sleeps in it, he stares at me from it. And even though I’m an intuitive animal communicator, it blows me away that he heard my thought and promptly responded, even though I hadn’t tried to talk directly to him.

A few months back when I was living in my old place, I got into the lobby elevator and my finger immediately went to button number twenty-nine—even though I lived on the twenty-third floor, and for five years had only ever pressed button twenty-three. As soon as I stopped myself from hitting twenty-nine, my finger went right back to try to press it again. I had to concentrate and move my finger to twenty-three. A man then walked into the elevator right behind me and pressed twenty-nine.

Last year at a horse workshop in Costa Rica, I observed a herd in a field. A sentinel horse was on lookout, watching the surroundings. Behind the sentinel’s back were two horses grazing with their backs to the sentinel. As soon as the sentinel lowered his head to graze, the two grazers raised their heads and looked around, immediately taking over sentinel duties. The horses weren’t looking at each other but were so connected and tuned in, they knew exactly when their duties needed to shift.

We’ve all felt someone looking at us and then turned to catch the person in the act. Think about how the energy in a movie theater feels after a rom-com ends versus a tear-jerker.

We’re all connected to each other and to the energy around us. That’s why I love doing energy work and intuitive readings. We all already have a built-in connection! The degree to which we allow that connection is up to us.

So pay attention the next time you get a feeling to call someone or an urge to turn left instead of right. When we allow our connection, information streams in. We feel supported, have better relationships, and abundance flows.

And, who knows, maybe we’ll press a button for the guy behind us so he doesn’t have to.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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