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True Colors

I recently saw an aura video of Lisa Williams (the medium I studied with last month) where the camera’s software picks up light patterns in the energy fields around her body. In the video, Lisa’s aura looks like layers of colors stacked upon each other, and as she connects to her guides and spirit, the colors move up the screen. Her forehead (third eye) changes color too. At the end when Lisa disconnects, you can see the colors sink lower around her. So. Super. Cool!

In the past week, I’ve done two wellness fairs in NYC corporate offices, where I get to give people brief Reiki sessions during their workday. I explain that we are made of energy (atoms and molecules constantly vibrating), and if we learn how to work with that energy, the possibilities are endless for healing, connection, and tons of other amazing things.

One woman at yesterday’s fair exclaimed after her treatment, “I could feel it in my head! It was so cool!” We don’t have to limit ourselves to a video to experience energy—we’re able to sense it ourselves in many ways.

Once in a while I spontaneously see someone’s aura—and it’s only ever happened when the person is speaking from the heart. I recently attended a workshop where the speaker mentioned how an organization she founded is helping people, and then I saw a white light around her brighten and change to a teal color.

Animals, of course, are the experts in sensing energy. One time around my move to Brooklyn six months ago, I was feeling super-overwhelmed and stressed out. I was sitting on the floor and burst into tears, and immediately our foster cat Faro trotted into the room and rubbed against me. The message I felt was, “Oh you’re upset! Don’t be upset! Everything’s ok!”

I asked Faro to tell me how he sensed my emotions that day, and he showed me he was right outside the room and felt the energy shift. He showed me his whiskers and told me he’s a receptor to the energy around him.

I imagine my “colors” sank around me when I started to cry, and raised up when Faro comforted me. The more we do things like meditation, yoga, singing, just breathing, the more we can learn where our colors are and how we can adjust them to help ourselves out of stress, sadness, and worry.

Today, my energy was very tired, and all Faro wanted to do was play, so I felt compelled to do a little feather-on-a-stick action with him. And now? My day is passing with flying colors. 🌈

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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