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When a Dragonfly Delivers

Recently when I was stuck for forty-five minutes in a tunnel on a subway train, I noticed three factions of behavior around me. One group of strangers clearly bonded and laughed with each other to pass the time. One guy went into another car in an urgent search for information. Two women across from me became increasingly agitated and cursed under their breath.

Me? I wished I were in the fun group, but distracted myself with a word game app so I wouldn’t get sucked into the nearby agitated energy.

On Monday, I was supposed to receive an important package of materials that I needed to prep for a wellness fair this week. It never came Monday…nor did it arrive Tuesday…and I got well, increasingly agitated.

At the height of my stress, I saw our foster cat Faro roll onto on his back on the bed, legs spread wide, belly out. I rubbed his belly and enthusiastically raved about how cute he was. Then I went back to my desk and got more stressed. Twenty minutes later I looked back at the bed to see Faro in the same sprawled position. He hadn’t moved at all. I laughed and got the message—dude, just RELAX! Everything’s fine!

Yesterday, USPS said the package would get here Thursday, when I would actually be at the fair. Cue a SUPER freak out—and then, a dragonfly landed at my window. How often do I see dragonflies in Brooklyn? Never. I decided to take moment, breathe, and intuitively connect with him.

When I did, I saw him floating and heard, “Be light.” I thanked him, googled “dragonfly spirit animal,” and read, “Dragonfly reminds you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life.” In other words, lighten up, just like your cat told you to.

The dragonfly’s message instantly made me feel lighter. And then my package arrived today, (not Thursday), in time to prep for my event tomorrow.

Often we feel we’re at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control (MTA, USPS, I’m looking at you). It’s our choice how we respond, and often that means desperately seeking answers or getting angry. Everyone in my subway car survived being stuck. I’m all set for the fair tomorrow. What did the aggravation get us? Probably high blood pressure and exhaustion.

Abraham-Hicks says, “This is a Vibrational Universe. The only Source that flows is the Source of Well-Being.”

So if we let go of the need to control and instead flow in line with the universe—like how a cat sprawls on a bed and a dragonfly delivers a message (and a package)—everything works out. I promise.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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