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Get the Message?

My cat Willow passed over six years ago, but for the past week memories of her keep popping up for me. One thing I remembered was when my cousin raved that the color of Willow’s eyes perfectly matched the color of her fur.

Other people had told me that too, including the vet. There's not one word to describe Willow’s eyes—they were a tan/gold/fawn color. Her fur was a beautiful multicolored blend with accents of that same hue. It was like nature just got it on the nose the day she was conceived.

On Monday I got into the elevator, and a man and his dog were there. The man didn’t look up from his phone, but his dog and I immediately moved toward each other. As I petted her head, I was blown away by her eyes—a rich caramel color—and then I noticed they exactly matched her rich caramel fur. Did I think of Willow? For some reason, no. I was totally present with the dog, and heard myself say to the man, “I love how the color of her eyes perfectly matches her fur!”

The man replied, “Oh yeah, they do match! She doesn’t usually let anyone pet her—she usually stays to herself.”

I walked out of the elevator and then the Willow connection hit me. There’s a reason I had that memory the other day and then rode the elevator with this dog. And the dog didn’t approach me because I’m an animal communicator. Plenty of dogs on the street don’t give me the time of day even though my heart swells when I pass them. She connected with me because it was a sign from Willow.

Yesterday I was walking back into my building thinking about how grateful I was to get that sign the other day. As I walked to the elevator, the same man and his caramel dog stepped out. Willow’s really not letting me forget she’s here.

A lot of clients I do readings for are grieving for their animals on the other side. Their animals always come through as still very much connected to their humans and just want them to be happy.

Last week I was sad about an animal in my life who’s older and I don’t know how much longer she’ll be around. Then Willow started showing up in my head…and then through a caramel dog in the elevator.

As long we keep our hearts and minds open, we can have that high-vibration connection. Just ask my grandma, who shows me the same sign every time I need a hug…and who’s probably hanging with Willow right now.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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