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(Not) Making It Happen

Faro, the cat that we’ve been fostering for almost a month now, has known my boyfriend Adam longer than he’s known me. As a result, he has a deep bond with Adam and is still getting to know me.

One of the ways Faro and Adam bonded a while back was when Faro buried his face into Adam’s arm pit. Yes, his arm pit. (Cue the loud purring and feline ecstacy.) It happens almost every night—while we watch TV, Faro meows at Adam and snuggles his face right into the pit. I’ve coined this time of night “pit o’clock”.

Every night I ask Faro if he’d like to burrow into my arm pit. What’s wrong with my arm pit, anyway? But alas, he always heads for Adam’s.

During my daily meditation, I sit on the floor with my back against the bed. One glorious morning, Faro jumped on the bed behind me and lay down at the edge, with his face right next to mine. I was thrilled—he was showing his love for me! When I reached over to pet his head and kiss him, he jumped away.

Last week Adam crafted a little house for Faro out of one of my empty moving boxes. We showed it to Faro excitedly, threw his favorite toys inside, and put a soft towel in it to make it comfy. Yet Faro refused to go in.

In the midst of wracking our brains to figure out how to get him into the little house, I realized that he’ll get in it when he wants to—there’s nothing we can do to make it happen.

A few days after letting go of the attachment to Faro enjoying his Faro house, I was working at my desk and heard claws against cardboard. I turned around to see Faro’s sweet face peeking out of his little house as he lay inside. I excitedly texted Adam the news and got down on the floor to take a pic. As soon as I did, Faro jumped out of the house.

Then I realized every time I’ve tried to make something happen with Faro, it doesn’t.

I’ve always had a deep, soulful connection to cats in my life. But I forgot that each time that happened, it developed over time, naturally. I’ve been trying to force an instant deep connection with Faro, because I know we may have him for only a short while.

I’ve felt very aligned with the universe recently—with how easily my new relationship happened and how effortlessly an awesome apartment came into my life. It’s such a sweet spot, I want to stay in it, and I’ve been trying to make this alignment continue. But in order to stay aligned, we have to trust in the universe, trust the support around us…and let go.

So the other day I decided to let go of trying to make that deep connection happen with Faro. And that night he buried his head into MY pit. Yes mine. And Adam’s pit was fully available inches away.

As soon as I let go, Faro connected. Now that’s pretty deep. ❤️

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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