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Moving On

I’ve been purging my closets like crazy the past couple of weeks, getting ready for a move right after the New Year. The other day I came across an adorable Christmas ornament I forgot I had—a miniature stocking with the letter “W” at the top. It was my cat Willow’s ornament. She passed in 2012, and I kind of immediately crumbled when I found the memento.

I know Willow is ok on the other side. I know she visits my dreams, and any time my current cat does a tail twitch or purrs all Willow-like, I know that’s Willow saying hi. I still get sad, though.

A lot of my clients want to have an animal communication reading so they can know if their animal on the other side is ok. I’ve never had an animal tell me they’re not ok. In fact, they’re usually thriving.

When one of my grieving clients (I’ll call her Susan) asked me the “is my dog ok on the other side?” question, her dog showed me an image of herself wearing a pink tutu, spinning on her hind legs in pure joy. Every time I ask that question in a reading, I get a new and unique response. I’d certainly never seen a dog in a tutu before, and I loved it!

I conveyed the picture to Susan, who although glad to hear the dog was good, was still absolutely lost in grief.

A few days later Susan emailed me saying she had just been on a walk and came across a dog in a tutu. The dog was the same breed as my client’s dog, and the woman walking her let Susan pick her up. Susan felt the dog melt into her heart, and she knew all this love was from her dog on the other side, confirming she’s still connected and all is well.

What our animals who’ve crossed over want for us is to move through our grief and connect with them in a joyous way. It’s a huge challenge for us humans. We like to hold onto our “stuff”—emotional, and in my case, also physical by the closetful.

When our animals transition to the other side, they consider it the next step in their journey and continue to connect with us. When I move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I’m taking Willow’s ornament with me and choosing to leave a ton of other stuff from my past behind.

I’ve been wondering how many of my Manhattan friends will come out to visit me in Brooklyn. (It’s a whole new borough for me!) At least I know Willow will, guaranteed.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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