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You Gotta Laugh

A few months before I got certified, my animal communication teacher asked us to make a video of ourselves talking about what we do. The idea was to get us comfortable explaining intuitive animal communication and to feel relaxed and like ourselves while doing it.

I sat on floor next to the couch where my cat was sitting so she could be on camera too. I began my first take super seriously, stating my name and my title of Intuitive Animal Communicator and Reiki Master. “What does that all mean?” I asked the camera earnestly. As I began to explain, my cat got up, turned her butt straight to the camera and, with her head to the side, gave out a huge yawn.

I then burst out laughing, and said, “It means she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants, apparently.”

My cat's actions had proclaimed, You’re not all that! And she was right—I was taking myself way too seriously. The video was a big hit in my class, because they could see me shift into the real me.

Back when I did my first phone reading for a real client (not a fellow student), I was super nervous. As I connected intuitively to her cat, I saw what looked like a freeze-frame photo of an orange tabby cat. Whenever I connect in to an animal, I always see the them walk in and move around—but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get this cat to move or look like anything other than a still photo.

When I told the client what I saw, she said, “My cat’s not an orange tabby, but he’s standing right next to my ceramic statue of an orange tabby!”

Then the cat told me he was messing with me because I needed to relax.

When I did a reading at the SpiritWalk Holiday Fair last weekend for a woman and her two dogs on the other side, the messages from the first dog were so loving and profound, that both the client and I were in tears.

This second dog, however, came through completely differently—acting silly, even rubbing her butt on the ground. I think the client and I were both expecting more deep soul wisdom from the second dog, but that dog just kept being goofy. At the end, that dog told me she came through that way because her human needed to lighten up and laugh after the touching messages from pup number one.

Our animals just want us to raise our vibration away from stress, sadness, and taking ourselves too seriously. “Laughter is the best medicine” may be a cliché but it’s FOR REAL.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said it best when she talked about surrounding herself with funny people during her chemo: “…Laughter is a basic human need, along with love and food and an HBO subscription. There's no situation—none—that isn't improved with a couple of laughs.”

And now I’m off to watch Seinfeld with my cat.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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