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What Are You Afraid Of?

Even while working as an intuitive animal communicator, animals can still baffle me. Case in point: Basil the cat’s behavior last week.

At my brother’s house for Thanksgiving, Basil was confined to my niece Sam’s room to separate him from other animals in the house. Sometimes he meowed to get out, and we took turns keeping him company, with the door shut and a baby gate at the outside.

Then late one night, at the moment when Sam’s door was opened, Basil seized his opportunity. He took a vigorous running leap and knocked down the gate with a tremendous bang. Then he took a second running leap, knocking down another gate across the hall. (No doubt done in the same spirit as when he took off at top speed on Sam’s college campus, returning two months later completely unharmed.)

Despite this midnight melee, Basil was wrangled back to Sam’s room. The next day, when there were fewer animals in the house, Sam opened her door and removed the gate to let Basil explore.

To our surprise, he was incredibly cautious of the new open doorway and took forever to venture out, scurrying back any time an unfamiliar sound spooked him.

So why the change in behavior from all-out prison break to “Nah, I’m good here…”?

Often animals will amp up behavior or do something peculiar to call our attention to a message for us. It’s possible Basil’s behavior carries a specific message for each person in my brother’s house. I know what it means for me.

For a long time, I’ve had a mindset to prepare for bad things to happen. That you have to brace yourself against the obstacles of life. (I’ve had a pretty good life, by the way, relatively speaking. This just happens to be how my brain is wired.)

As I’ve practiced more and more Reiki and animal communication, I’ve learned that the universe actually supports you and is on your side. Recently two really amazing doors have opened for me—a new relationship and an opportunity for a new place to live. It’s what I’ve been wanting for a long time, but that voice inside is still there, saying, “Something’s got to be wrong here…open doors to wonderful things don’t just happen.”

So the choice is ours—stay in our comfort zone where we feel safe, or dare to go through the door and trust it will lead to good things. We can always scurry back to the safe zone when we’re scared, but is the safe zone where we will thrive?

For two months on the lam, Basil proved he knows how to enjoy his freedom. Then he showed what it looks like to hold back. I think I prefer the leap. Who’s with me?

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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