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Lessons from a Thanksgiving Motley Crew

Once again I’m at my brother’s in upstate New York for Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s great to be with (human) loved ones…but I’m also super grateful that John’s house is filled with animals this year, too.

Every animal has something to teach us, and the furry crew currently at my brother’s house is no exception. Here are the lessons I’ve learned from them in just the past two days:

Gizmo (papillon, right) - unending hope

If you’re eating, Gizmo is at your feet because there’s always, always a chance you’ll drop something. He never ever gives up. Even if you didn’t drop something this morning. This afternoon is a whole new opportunity met with equal enthusiasm.

Parsley (gray-and-white cat, left) - carpe diem The world is her playground. Hours-on-end feather-on-a-stick sessions are her life. If you’re not available to participate, she’ll ninja-tackle you when you least suspect it. She does what she wants, and never holds back.

Basil (black cat, right) - miracles happen

He’s the one who spent almost two months on the lam at my niece’s college campus and recently came back to her. He looks the exact opposite of what you’d think a runaway cat would look like. Every inch of him is perfection. Glossy coat, healthy muscular body, and bright eyes. After being a total boss out on his own for so long, now he’s a squeaky-meowing, super-affectionate cuddle machine.

Smiles (chihuahua/pomeranian, left) -

facing your fears

Arriving last night and being the smallest, frailest creature here, Smiles went right up to the other animals and the other animals backed away. Smiles is tiny, has health problems, and had just traveled five hours in a car to a strange house. He was scared too, but walked through his fear on his teeny legs and the others backed down. He’s my hero.

I’ve learned so much from all of the animals who’ve shared their wisdom with me since I started doing intuitive animal communication and animal Reiki. And I’ve seen how their wisdom has helped my clients, my family, and my friends. And for that I’m very grateful.

Most of all, I’m grateful for all of you, for being open to energy, animal wisdom, and the magic around us every day.

Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving full of peace and love!

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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