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Time to Break Out

Yes, I talk to animals for a living…but when your plant sends you a message, you know things have amped up.

It all started when I realized that this time a year ago, my chronic back pain began to gradually intensify. It ended up reaching new heights this past February when I spent twenty-two days in a fetal position in bed because nothing was relieving the pain.

Between then and my kidney stone surgery this past June, I became pretty isolated. The pain prevented me from having any kind of social life, and it limited the amount of Reiki that I could practice. My life seemed to come to a standstill.

Cut to post-surgery (no more kidney stone—no more pain), when new clients, opportunities, and relationships started entering my life…and I started feeling more like my true self than ever.

Sounds great right? So even though amazing things are happening, I still have doubts and fears about this "new life." Like, all the time.

Recently I was invited to talk about animal communication on a radio show. This meant stepping onto a bigger platform than ever before. Even though I’ve received positive feedback after the show, I find myself constantly questioning if this is the time to break out onto that bigger stage...where more people see the real me.

On top of that, I’m considering moving to a new neighborhood after a million years of living in the same one because lately my present location has restricted me from living how I really want to live. But I constantly think, is it really time to take that big step?

Yesterday in the midst of all this self-questioning, I left my desk to do some things in the den. Ten minutes later I returned to my desk to see that my beloved plant had hurled herself to the floor, pot shattered. (Yes she’s female, and her name is Petunia—don’t ask me why.)

I’ve known for a very long time that my plant was getting too big for that pot, yet I did nothing about it. So Petunia took it upon herself to crack open the shell she was ready to expand out of.

I promptly bought a bigger pot and some soil and replanted Petunia into her new home, where she can breathe, expand, and be her true self, unrestricted.

(Message received: When it's time, it's time.)

If there’s an area of your life where you feel held back or small, I’m confident in saying that’s not where you’re supposed to be. When you’re ready, the universe will gently push (or shove) you out into the light. It can hurt and be uncomfortable (see: kidney stone), but that just makes room for the good stuff to come in.

And that good stuff? It allows you to be you, in a big, beautiful way. 🌿

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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