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Ready for Your Close-Up

Even though I’ve experienced endless instances of amazing energy at work and outrageously cool intuitive hits—and have even chosen this “woo-woo” stuff as my life’s work—when I’m going through a scary time in life and my faith is tested, pesky doubts can still come up. This frustrates me to no end. That voice in us that insists on confirming our beliefs through our physical senses really irritates me, and I wish I could always just rise above it.

So I’ve chosen a go-to reminder when I’m facing a challenge and feel myself start the downward-doubt spiral—I take myself back to a moment from my Costa Rica trip last month.

One afternoon, I was at one end of the pasture with my teacher Danielle, and the two horses who chose to work with me, Cosmo and Elisa, were at the other end. Danielle asked me to close my eyes, connect in with Elisa, and ask her for a message. After I did that and still had my eyes shut, Danielle asked me to do the same with Cosmo. But when I tried to connect with him, all I “saw” was static, like what would happen on an old TV when the cable went out. Something was blocking me from connecting to Cosmo’s energy—which really never happens, and it felt weird.

When I told Danielle, she chuckled and told me to open my eyes. There was Elisa standing in front of me, her face right up in my face. I burst out laughing—it explained everything. Apparently as soon as I had connected into Elisa’s energy, she made a bee-line right over to me and got up close and personal. Her connection to me was still so strong, I was having trouble connecting to Cosmo. Danielle asked me to close my eyes and try again.

This time I intuitively asked Elisa to please step aside, invited Cosmo’s energy in, and in my “psychic head”, I saw him jump in, much like a cat pouncing on a toy. Still with my eyes shut, I told Danielle what happened and again she laughed and told me to open my eyes. Now Cosmo was right in front of me, his face in my face.

So each time I stood with my eyes shut and relied on my intuitive abilities to reach out and connect with Cosmo’s and Elisa’s energies, they both immediately walked across the pasture and stood face-to-face with me. You can’t get more in-your-face confirmation (literally) that intuitive connection and energy are real.

The first time I met the cat I have now (Nell), I was sitting at the head of a bed meditating in preparation to do a Reiki session, and she was lying down at the foot of the bed. It was a few years before I ever thought of studying animal communication, and I wasn’t intentionally connecting to her energy. I was getting myself into the “zone” of connecting to Reiki energy, love, and light. A little while into the meditation, I instinctively opened my eyes to find that Nell was sitting right up next to me, looking intently into my face. I remember thinking she must have been attracted to my meditative state…and it was the cutest thing I ever saw.

Cosmo, Elisa, and Nell couldn’t have made it clearer that we are at our best when we’re calm and at peace, connecting to the energy (and the animals) around us. When we humans need physical proof that all this woo-woo stuff is real, our animals are there to offer amazing physical confirmation. And if we don’t happen to have animals around us, the universe will provide the proof, I promise. All we need to do is open our eyes.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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