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And the Answer Is…

In a conversation the other day, I was asked to share the story of how I got into Reiki and animal communication. I described the path that unfolded for me—how I never saw it coming but just went with it. Yeah that’s right—I never saw it coming. I never even saw myself as someone who would work in this world of energy and intuition, even though I have always loved it and been drawn to it.

About a year before I even thought about studying animal communication (but was already a Reiki master), I had a few intuitive readings with someone I trust implicitly. It came through in these readings that my future practice wasn’t going to be just Reiki—it was going to incorporate something else as well. When this would come up, I’d always ask, “But what is it? What’s the other thing?” I really had no clue. The intuitive would always say, “I don’t know. All I’m seeing is that it’s not just a Reiki practice.”

So even though I desperately wanted that straight-up answer, I’m SO GLAD that I was never told it. Instead, the path unfolded for me in the coolest way ever. As I did more and more distance Reiki sessions on animals, I started to hear and see things during the sessions, which I eventually figured out were messages from the animals themselves. When I got my confidence up, I’d share the messages with the human client, and be blown away when I’d get confirmation on them.

Then I went on a trip to the Bahamas to swim with wild dolphins, and, inspired by those messages in the Reiki sessions, took brief beginner lessons on animal communication while there. I was completely blown away. In one lesson, I was told only the name of the animal I would be talking to—not what kind of animal he was—and when I intuitively connected with him, he showed me in my body how he moved in his. I felt a forward motion from the head and upper body, but with no leg action at all. I asked him, “What about your legs??” and the answer I got was “Your question does not compute.” I had no idea what was going on until the teacher revealed I was talking to a goldfish.

I returned home from that trip and knew I HAD to study animal communication for real. And from there, many more mind-blowing experiences unfolded. If I had been fed the answer from the beginning of what my practice was going to look like, I would have missed out on the mind-blowing-ness of my experience as it played out. And I value mind-blowing-ness in the biggest way, because it’s proof of the magic.

So the next time you’re yearning for a straight-up answer, try to be grateful for the question. Because the question leads to the journey. And the journey will always blow your mind.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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