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3 Life Lessons from The Last Jedi—for THIS Galaxy

*I really tried to speak generally and not reveal plot points. But if you are a passionate want-to-know-nothing person, please come back after you’ve seen the film :).*

Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a Star Wars freak. All my life I’ve been crazy about the whole world of cool characters, incredible planets, unforgettable creatures, and hyperspace chases. But in recent years I’ve felt a new kind of attraction to the saga. Since I’ve become a Reiki master and intuitive animal communicator, I can’t get enough of the Force.

So last week when I saw the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, the kid in me loved all the action, and the current me loved all it had to say about the energy around us and in us. Here are the coolest life lessons I gleaned from that galaxy far, far away that apply to life right here on earth:

1. Breathing is key.

As Luke is training another character in the ways of the Jedi, the first thing he tells the person to do is “Breathe. Just breathe.” Why start there? It calms the mind and the body, priming you to see things more clearly and to feel your inner power. I use it all the time in my work (and it came in handy at the screening of The Last Jedi because the audience was 99% hyper little kids).

2. Energy is everywhere.

Also during this training session, Luke talks about how the Force is all around us and connects everything. Not a new concept, but what’s cool here is that he says the light doesn’t belong to the Jedi only—it’s actually in everyone. I often say anyone can learn animal communication and Reiki. We all have it in us because we are all energetic beings. It’s not just for chosen people.

3. Animals are awesome.

In The Last Jedi, three new types of animals enter the Star Wars universe. The first species—ok, they can’t be spoilers anymore because they’re everywhere—are the Porgs. They communicate through their behavior and demeanor and are mischievous and playful. The other two species literally help humans get to safety. This is everything the world of animal communication is all about—animals give us messages through their behavior, always want us to lighten up, and help us on our journey to where we need to go.

So I hope if you see the film, it’ll get you excited to explore what you can do with your own energy and the energy around you. Or maybe it’ll just make you want to have a fake light-saber duel with your kid. Either way, the Force will always be with you, I promise.

It’s all about the (Jedi) magic. 🙌

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