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Reveling in Your Catness

Confession: I’ve been super distracted lately. I’ve always been a person who’s in my head more than my body, and it’s always been challenging to clear the clutter up there. Practicing Reiki and animal communication helps a lot to clear my head, but I still have a ways to go.

Once again, the animals know what’s up. I did a reading recently where a cat came through as “reveling in his catness” (the only way I know how to say it!). Basically this is when an animal shows me that he feels really good in his body, is happy being in his body, and life is good simply because of his catness/dogness/goldfishness. I see it in my own cat when she rolls around in a sun patch and rubs her paws on her face. It must feel crazy good to be covered in toasty soft fur like that. And I see it when I give her Reiki—her purr volume goes to an eleven, and she shoves her head into my hand to soak up all the wonderful energy.

When I’m doing a reading of an animal reveling in his body, I literally feel woozy and trippy in my own body and it feels so good! So why is it so hard to revel in my Julieness? Because of some chronic physical stuff going on with me, I prefer to stay in my head. In reality, I usually avoid being in my body because I’m afraid of what annoying thing I might notice next.

But get this—my cat is twenty years old. That’s geriatric in cat years. She has aches and pains and annoying stuff in her body but still revels in her catness every day. And that just may be how she got to twenty. Animals never get in their heads obsessing over a to-do list or get too busy to eat. They are forever connected to the wisdom and love of the universe and constantly model how to be present and grounded.

There’s wisdom in the body too. The aches and pains and fatigue? That’s my body talking to me, urging me to come down from the thoughts in my head. So here’s to us all finding our inner catness today. I might just go do it now in Central Park—there are so many teachers there, even the turtles revel in their turtleness. I’ll blend right in.

It’s all about the magic.🙌

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