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4 Simple Ways to Reset Your Energy

In the past several days, I’ve come across a specific meditation technique a few different times from multiple sources. Whenever something shows up for me repeatedly in a short amount of time, I pay attention.

Have you ever tried the act of asking yourself “I wonder what my next thought will be?” It’s an Eckhart Tolle method of bringing you into the present. You don’t have to do it solely while meditating — I did it last night to clear my mind so I could fall asleep.


It blows me away how quickly my mind goes blank after asking the question. It’s one of the most efficient ways I know to get still and clear the mental clutter. Asking that question pulls you into a heightened awareness, where you’re in observation mode, a blissful state of just being. Another thing that blew me away is how unique it can feel to be there. When you’re aware that your thoughts have disappeared, it feels like there must have been a bunch of static or a tape recording playing non-stop in the background of your consciousness this whole time.


So since it’s the beginning of a new year, I started to think about all the ways that can help us get to that state of presence and clarity for 2024. I know how to get there when I’m doing animal communication readings and Reiki sessions, but I could get there more often in the other parts of my life. How about we set relaxed intentions for the year rather than pressure-inducing resolutions?


Here are my favorite ways to reset one's energy to the baseline of peace, love, and groundedness (where we’re meant to be):


1.     The thought question (see above). Ask “I wonder what my next thought will be?” during meditation, when you go to bed, or anytime you feel overwhelmed or just need a breather. You can ask it once or additional times after experiencing the stillness. It’s great to take a deep breath before doing so, which leads me to…


2.     Deep belly breaths. Place your hands on your belly and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. You’ll feel your belly expand into your hands, and when you exhale slowly through the mouth, your belly retracts. These intentional breaths trigger a physiological response in our bodies that resets the autonomic nervous system, literally producing calm and centeredness. Do it anywhere, anytime (I often do it on the subway — three minimum breaths or however many I feel I need).


3.     Earth connection. I like to sit still and tell Mother Earth how grateful I am for her. Plant your feet flat on the floor or ground and ask her to connect strong, nourishing roots from her core up into the soles of your feet, up your legs, ultimately connecting to your solar plexus. Ask the earth to keep you tethered and safe all day. Visualize the roots and feel into the stability they give you.


4.     Heart truth. Drop your awareness into your heart and imagine a ball of soft light there that embodies all the unconditional love you’re made of. Allow yourself to feel into the light, feel the love, and feel the truth of who you are. You can ask your heart to show you the truth, too. There’s no clutter in the heart — just true love. Things always get clearer for me there.


It's not necessary to do all of these techniques. Pick any that resonate. Each one brings you into present awareness which is the healthiest place to be.


Years ago, I went to a friend’s apartment to give Reiki to her cat whom I hadn’t met before. When I arrived, the cat was sitting at the foot of my friend’s bed and I wanted to give her some space and respect, so I sat up at the head of the bed to prep for the Reiki session. I closed my eyes, got still, and took deep belly breaths. I centered myself and started the Reiki energy flowing through me and out my hands. When I opened my eyes, the cat was sitting right up close to me, looking up at me steadily with the most peaceful eyes. It melted my heart.


That’s what we attract when we take the time to nourish and reset our energy. Pure love — in the form of an animal…or any number of random amazing blessings.


Here’s to wondering what the next amazing thing will be that comes right up to you in 2024. 💜






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