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Time to Manifest

Lately I’ve been thinking about an exercise I did with horses a couple of years ago in Costa Rica. As I stood in a pasture with the herd, the workshop facilitator asked me to connect to one horse and communicate with him. Cosmo was way across the pasture, and I closed my eyes and invited his energy in. A minute later, I heard the facilitator laugh and tell me to open my eyes. There was Cosmo’s face, right in front of my face. I had intuitively invited his energy in without any physical cues, and he, not any other horse in the herd, promptly walked over and stood nose-to-nose with me. I was blown away by such an immediate, undeniable response to my intention.

Usually in my daily meditation, I focus on manifesting a loving, balanced home where everyone gets along (everyone meaning my two cats). Yesterday I added and focused on “bug free” in the home manifestation because an exterminator knocked on doors in my building the other day offering to spray people’s kitchens. I don’t want the chemicals in my apartment, so I figured, let’s manifest the no-bug situation instead.

As soon as I connected to that intention in my meditation, I heard a thud. I opened my eyes to see our cat Calla had caught a fly and was holding it under her paws, right in front of where I sat on my cushion. “Holy crap, that was fast!” I thought—another undeniable, immediate response.

Setting the intention to be more specific (let’s just have no bugs enter the apartment, as opposed to meeting their demise here), I reeled at how Calla had responded just as fast as Cosmo had in the pasture.

A few days ago we learned NYC’s shut down is extended to May 28, and honestly, I felt exasperated and impatient for the city to get back to normal. I found myself wondering how I could set an intention for healing and recovery to happen soon.

But the immediate responses to my intentions from Cosmo and Calla didn’t come from a sense of urgency. In reality, I focused on the feeling and the intention, and that’s when the magic really shows up. Timing is easy to get wrapped up in, especially now. But if we focus on what feels good and believe and let the universe do the rest, life unfolds in extraordinary ways we can’t have imagined.

So I’m holding on to expecting the unexpected. It’s shown up before, in a Costa Rican pasture and in my living room. Why can’t it happen for the globe?


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