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The Soul Knows

This morning I saw a video of a horse giving healing energy to a senior dog at a ranch that offers equine-facilitated workshops for people. The video showed a snippet of the horse as he placed his face next to the dog’s hip, which was suffering from degeneration, for nearly an hour. Afterwards, the dog happily explored the ranch and chased a rabbit, as he was feeling nimbler and more energetic than usual.

What really got me was that in the video’s caption it said the dog seemed to want to go to the ranch that day with his person who had signed up for a workshop, and that’s why she had brought him with her. That tells me the dog was drawn to where his person was going, and knew he’d find healing.

With my Reiki clients, I talk about how our energy system is always naturally moving toward balance and wellness. Animals are super tuned into this. In the Uber on the way to take my cat Calla to her dental surgery appointment a few weeks ago, I placed my hands on the mesh of the carrier and kept talking to her to reassure her. The driver asked me if I had a cat in the carrier, and I replied yes and told him about her appointment. He said, “Aww, you’re worried about her.”

When he said that, Calla pressed her head into my hand through the mesh. I expected to feel anxiety from her, but instead it felt like she was reassuring me. When I tapped in more to her energy, her message was, remember the big picture—I’m going to feel better soon, I’m moving toward healing. (And she was right of course—she’s all healed and thriving as we speak.)

A few days ago, I had some worries and felt myself veering toward worst-case scenario thinking. But I knew what felt better was to meditate, chant, and keep myself in a high vibration of trust. In the meditation, I invited Mr. Big’s energy in (the horse I worked with in Costa Rica) to get his input. Instead of my usual visual—seeing him come into view from my side and stop in front of me—this time he walked very steadily across a panoramic view in front of me from one side to the other.

The message was keep moving forward, you’re on the right path.

The next day while I was meditating again, I heard a text come through and knew I had to look at it. It was a video from a friend who’s in Costa Rica now with the horses I worked with. The video showed a view of the pasture and after a few seconds, Mr. Big walking into and steadily across the camera’s view, from one end to the other.

It's so easy to get clouded in distractions, worry, and what-ifs, but in reality, our soul knows the way and the big-picture view. If we get clear and let our soul lead, we’ll always be guided to the best place for us. It looks so easy when animals do it, but our energy is programmed the same way as theirs. The moment we open up to it is when we can enjoy that steady, flow-of-life, one hoof-in-front-of-the-other ride. 💜

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