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The Magic of Time and Space

On March 1st of this year, I remember walking down a sunny street in Manhattan listening to a pandemic-expert interviewed on a podcast. He predicted with certainty that everyone will know someone who has the coronavirus. Everyone. I found it very hard to wrap my brain around that statement. It just didn’t seem possible. And yet a matter of weeks later, several people I know had COVID-19.

I think about that day where I had the freedom to walk throughout the city, doing whatever I wanted. Now I’m staying inside to do my part, and I watch pandemic updates every day. Yesterday NY state deaths grew to almost four times those of 9/11. I find it hard to wrap my brain around the size of that loss.

It seems all we have right now is time to feel grief and uncertainty, and all we want is space to roam. But lately I’ve been noticing the space-and-time-bending gifts that are here too.

Recently when I did my daily intuitive check-in with Mr. Big, a horse I worked with in a Costa Rican workshop, he showed me his face from the nose up in super close-up. Then the image of his face zoomed into his eyes. I asked him why he was appearing like that to me, but I didn’t get an answer.

A few hours later, Sally, the workshop facilitator in Costa Rica, posted a video of Mr. Big on Facebook, and she angled the camera from his nose, looking up his face. The video ended with a close-up of his eyes. The view was identical to what Mr. Big showed me earlier, and I got that delightfully weird woo-woo feeling in my body.

Because of the current self-isolation, my mediumship teacher created a new class on Zoom this week. She teaches a lesson every day, then randomly divides our huge class into small groups where we practice connecting with loved ones on the other side. Yesterday I was matched with a lovely woman from Spain who brought my grandfather through. We really hit it off, and I felt an instant-friend connection. We’re in the midst of planning to connect again soon on Zoom or Skype or some other technological wonder.

In a normal course of events, the way I thought my April would go, I would have never met this lovely person. If it weren’t for the current technology, I’d have never met someone from Europe while stuck at home in Brooklyn.

Time and space are defied and morph all the time. In each instance, I’m reminded that there’s something bigger than us at work and the magic of energy is always at play. Even in dark times, I know that’s the stuff that never, ever goes away. ✨

Sending love and light to all! ❤️✨

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