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The Love Magnet

The other day, I decided to give myself a true day off for the first time after a few jam-packed months, fully committing to indulging in rest and relaxation.

animal communication with a horse and cat loving energy

After a while of kicking back on the couch and decadently catching up on my favorite tv show, our cat Faro approached me and pushed his head into my hand. I know what you’re thinking—not unusual cat behavior. But it is unusual for Faro. He’s way more obsessed with my boyfriend than with me and doesn’t really get lovey-dovey with me. So when he pushed his head into my hand repeatedly, I was ecstatic. Then to my surprise, he got onto my lap and curled up for hours—for the first time ever. I happily soaked up the moment in pure gratitude.

The next day when I was chatting with another animal communicator friend of mine and relayed the sweet Faro story, she intuitively connected in with Faro to dig a little deeper. Faro told her he was responding to my energy that day, which was all about giving myself a gift and indulging in things I love. Turns out he joined in on the love I was giving myself.

I once had a cat who liked to be near me when I meditated. Often I would open my eyes and find her right there gazing at me peacefully, and I’d feel that peace and love wash over me. My cat was a mirror-reflection of the love I was giving myself through taking the time to meditate, breathe, and get clear.

During one of the horse workshops I attended in Costa Rica, I stood in the pasture with the herd and picked one specific horse to connect with. After I shut my eyes, dropped into my heart, and intuitively reached out to connect to that horse, my teacher laughed and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I saw that the horse I had energetically reached out to was standing right in front of me, her beautiful face in my face. She’d walked across the pasture to stand right in front of me. I tried it again with a second horse and got the same result. I opened my eyes to see him standing before me, his face in my face.

Intuitive connection is all about love—clearing the mental clutter and leading with your heart, total compassion and no judgment. The same thing happens when we practice self-love, too. When we get into that pure space and approach life from grounded, centered energy, we attract in love and abundance, drawn in like a magnet.

We’re made of the energy of love and so is the universe. When we align with that, there’s nothing that can stop the magic…or us and the amazing things we can do. And I LOVE that. 💜✨💜

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