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The Cosmic Highway of Wisdom

A couple of days ago, I thought of one of my friends and wondered how she was doing. I made a mental note to text her that evening, but soon after I thought of her, she sent me a message explaining what was going on with her (she was fine) and why she hadn’t been in touch. The next day, another friend of mine popped into my head and I again made a mental note to reach out later that day. Before I had a chance to, that friend texted me and asked if I could chat.

Often when people experience this type of thing, they think it’s weird. Some brush it off as coincidence, and some think it happens only to psychics. When it happened to me two days in a row, I started thinking about what was really going on...about how we’re all connected energetically, and how energy carries information and often surpasses our definition of time and space. The two friends I mentioned weren’t anywhere near me—one lives about 900 miles away. But our exchange of energetic information felt like it happened in a matter of moments.

Did I think of those two friends because I sensed they were thinking of reaching out to me? Or did those two friends sense that I was thinking of texting them and they beat me to the punch? Maybe yes to both?

During my second trip to Costa Rica for a horse-and-soul workshop, a lovely horse named Cosmo chose me as his partner for the week. On day one, I intuitively asked him what I needed to know about the work we’d do in the following days, and he showed me a picture of his legs in water. I had no idea what that meant and felt I was somehow screwing up the message on my end. But on the last day of the workshop, our teachers led us on a trail ride to a river, where we played with our horses in the water. I got to spend time connecting with both Cosmo and Mr. Big (my partner from the year before) in the river, and it ended up being an incredibly profound experience for me. When I told one of the teachers that Cosmo had showed me the river experience on day two, she was fascinated, saying they’d just decided that morning to take us to the river.

Years ago after a coworker sent me a picture of Willow who was up for adoption, I went for a meet-and-greet with the kitty at her foster home to see if we'd be a good match. Of all the animals there, Willow was the one who jumped onto my lap and settled down to purr, like she’d known me for ages and it was a done deal. It blew my mind, but in truth, deep down I’d known I would adopt her when I first saw her picture, so we were already energetically connected, and information was already being exchanged. And I know Willow was in on the whole thing way before me.

Energetic connection holds a ton of wisdom…about the past, present, and the future. They are all accessible to us and not as linear as we assume. Yes it’s mind blowing, but it’s also natural and how the universe in which we live is built. It’s not coincidence. It’s not even weird. It’s magic at our fingertips that can help us connect, learn, and grow in this Cosmo-cosmic world. ✨✨ ✨

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