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Super Cosmic Connections

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an online community I’ve joined in order to gain some tools for running my business. I had no idea that I’d end up feeling a real connection with some of the members from all over the world, who do all sorts of wonderful things for a living. What’s mind-blowing is we’ve found that some of us have really specific experiences and deep things in common, and these things have nothing to do with our businesses or why we joined the group. And because of these profound things in common, we’re learning from each other in areas way beyond the purpose of the group, in ways we never predicted.

So how can a bunch of people with diverse backgrounds and goals be drawn to one group, form deep bonds, and teach each other crucial life stuff just at the perfect time when none of us saw it coming?

I think it has to do with vibration—for those on similar wavelengths or similar soul-work journeys, our frequencies line up and we find each other. Plus, the universe will always put someone in our path to help us learn what we came here to learn.

It feels like this new online community has swooped into my life to teach me a great deal, right when I’m ready for it. What’s equally great is that animals are just as connected to us, agree to teach us stuff, and can totally swoop in just at the right time, too.

In a recent reading with a client’s cat, I suddenly felt a dog’s energy come in and he was wearing a superhero cape. I knew my client’s cat was her only pet, but the dog felt connected to her too…and it felt like he was still living. He then came through with a specific and profound message of support for my client. It turned out she had co-parented this dog, who now lives with her ex-partner, and that message of love flew in right when she needed it. (Major swoop.)

In another reading, a client asked me to connect with one of her two living cats. When I described how that cat’s personality felt to me, the client said that sounded like her other cat instead. I asked cat number one to clarify the information, and he told me I needed to talk to the other cat. So when I connected into cat number two and relayed what he was telling me, the client said, “Oh wow, you’re describing my cat on the other side.” Cat number two then told me to talk to cat number three on the other side. When I connected with cat number three, he showed me a meaningful experience that my client had with him, which was a profound message of healing that she needed to hear that day. (That was a roundabout swoop.)

Even if you think you’re going into an experience to learn one thing, a whole other profound lesson can appear, delivered from someone you least expect, right out of the blue. So here’s to allowing in that cosmic swoop of love—from people and superhero animals alike—and all its amazing divine timing. ✨✨✨

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2 commentaires

Love how it's about what we need to hear not what we are expecting to hear...

En réponse à

Yes so true! The universe can know exactly what we need and what we're ready for, even if we're not conscious of it. 💜 -Julie

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