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The Art of Making It Happen

A lot of clients ask me when they will hear from their beloved pet after the animal has passed. I always tell them that it will happen when they least expect it. Because that’s how energy works.

Years ago, way before I studied Reiki or intuitive work, I did a meditation that was supposed to help me invite a loved one on the other side to come through. I did the meditation and then waited wondering, is it going to happen now? How about now? Maybe now? After about two minutes of that, I grew impatient, gave up, and went into the bathroom to wash my face. I then heard a strange noise in my kitchen, and when I went to investigate, I found the picture of my childhood cat Coco on the floor. The frame it was in separated itself from its magnet and had fallen from the fridge. I knew that was Coco’s way of saying, “Hi, I’m here”.

Years later after my cat Willow passed, I was desperate to hear from her and know she was ok. It was pretty much all I focused on. But one day as I was washing dishes and thinking about something else, I heard her very distinctive meow right behind me clear as day. Even though I couldn’t see her, I knew without a doubt she was right there with me.

A while back I lost my favorite necklace—the one I wear all the time and never take off. After frantically searching for it and calling around to places I’d been (this was pre-lockdown), I took a moment and got centered. I saw the situation clearly and felt in my heart I’d actually be ok without the necklace. Just then I walked over to my desk for no apparent reason. The necklace was there, lying on top of a pile of papers. I never took my necklace off, much less at my desk. I couldn’t understand how it got there. It felt like the universe gave it back to me as soon as I’d detached from it.

When our energy is in push mode, desperate for a specific result—we can actually make it more difficult to receive a message or sign that wants to come through. I’m a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza who always says it’s not our business how what we want to manifest will come to be. When we butt out of wondering how it’s going to work or end up happening, everything flows.

Recently I’ve been getting lots of soft head butts from our cat Calla from her perch on top of the bed during my morning meditation. But they only happen when I’ve completely surrendered, feel clear, and open…and when I least expect it. I consider those head butts a “job well done” message. The key to making them happen? Not making them happen. ✨

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Patty, I'm so glad you're getting messages. Dr. Joe is the BEST! YES you are on track! Synchronicity is everything!! ✨✨✨



Patty Daley
Patty Daley
Aug 06, 2020

Julie, great post! I've had little messages like that also come to me, when I least expect it. One synchronicity with this blog entry is...I have been recently following Dr. Joe Dispenza and I consider it a message that I'm on the right track to healing a long-standing issue. Keep up the good work! Patty

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