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Riding the Wave

The other night I attended a new moon circle on Zoom with Goddess Gatherings Long Island. Since the new moon phase is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, we all set intentions for things we wanted to manifest and received some amazing healing.

I’ve always been in awe of what the moon affects, like ocean tides or reproduction and migration of the earth’s various creatures. So getting in sync with the moon can be very profound. One of the women who led the circle explained it as if you’re on a skateboard and you grab hold of the back of a moving car (without all the risk). It’s a great metaphor for riding along in the moon’s energy flow, aligning with its phase, and reaping the benefits.

Last year I participated in a Reiki clinic, where I gave clients back-to-back healing sessions in a room with about ten other practitioners. As soon as I got centered and started my first session, I felt a remarkable sensation go through my entire body. It felt like I was riding a big Reiki wave, which made sense with that many people in one room consciously channeling a high vibration. Whenever I practice Reiki I step into the wave, but this day it was really carrying me.

A few years ago when I worked with the horse Mr. Big in a workshop in Costa Rica, the teacher had me sit on him bareback in a pasture, and intuitively tell him which post in the fence I wanted to go to. I centered myself in my heart and without any physical cues, pictured a specific post. To my shock, each time I did it, Mr. Big walked straight to the post of my desire. If he approached it at angle, he’d even back up and “repark” so he was facing it straight on.

It was the most remarkable thing I’d ever experienced. When I communicated with him about it later, he said, “Of course I’m going to take you where you want to go when you come from the heart.”

One of the things I wanted to manifest in the new moon circle was strengthening connections—with love, with myself, and my intuitive work. This morning I was meditating, sitting with my back against the side of my bed. As I focused on opening my third eye (intuition), I was startled by a soft but firm head butt at the back of my head. It was our kitty Calla, who then continued to lovingly rub her head against mine.

No matter what’s happening with humankind, the earth still turns, the tides still flow. There’s always that forward movement—I like to think of it as getting a free trip around the sun every year. If we hop on for the ride, we receive incredible gifts—potentially everything we’ve ever wanted. I think I’ll zoom with the moon every night. ✨

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