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Opening Up to Slowing Down

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Originally, I decided to take a short break because my schedule had become pretty overwhelming. Then some health stuff came up that I didn’t see coming — not super major, but enough to force me to really slow down which…was super challenging.

animal communication reading with my cat

You know when an obstacle comes up and all you can think of is how way off track your plans are now and how will you ever catch up to where you want to be? I was there, but in the end I learned how powerful slowing down is. And how self-healing it can be.

One afternoon while I was in the midst of recovering from the health stuff, I was resting in bed when I heard a thump elsewhere in the apartment. It sounded just like when one of my cats tries to jump up on something but doesn’t stick the landing and instead falls back to the floor (always on their feet).

Intuitively, I knew Calla was the one who made the thump, and I also knew she was ok. I also knew my boyfriend was in the apartment and would be right there at the scene of the thump to check on her. However, that human cat-mom in me really wanted to get up and see with my physical eyes that she was ok…but, my physical body definitely did not have the energy to leave the bed.

So, I took some slow deep breaths, got myself centered, and intuitively connected in with Calla and asked her to come into the bedroom to show me she was fine. A minute later, I heard the bedroom door softly sweep a little more open. I looked down to see Calla walking toward the side of the bed, staring up at me like, “See, Mom? It’s all good.”

Later my boyfriend told me that Calla had been napping on a living room table, had accidentally rolled off and, yes, landed on her feet. When he lifted her up and placed her back onto the table, she promptly jumped off and left the room. (Because that’s when I’d asked her to come to me.)

What I realized was that I was able to take care of myself in the moment and make sure Calla was ok at the same time. That in my heart, I was able to trust my instincts and remain calm even though the paranoid part of my brain really wanted to worry. And also that I can ask for a favor when I’m in need. None of that stuff has necessarily come easily to me in the past. Or to any of us humans.

A few weeks later, I was feeling good again and enjoyed a beach vacation with my family. I’m the person who loves the ocean, but when the water is freezing I force myself to take baby-steps into the waves, my entire body tense and rigid, trying to keep up with everyone else who just dives in. One day my sister-in-law stood next to me in the ankle-deep, numbing seawater and patiently guided me through some tai chi moves. I was blown away when the practice relaxed my whole body and energy system. It completely moved me into a place of gratitude, welcoming, and allowing, and I no longer noticed the extreme water temperature. No wonder they call tai chi “meditation in motion.”

Since I returned from vacation, my schedule has been even more packed than before. But now I’m more aware of when I need to rest and take care of myself, and I can access tools to nourish my energy when I really need it. I can make it a priority to get myself into the flow of life (our natural state) rather than remain in rigid resistance and worry.

Calla shows me how to schedule self-care every day when she rolls onto her back mid nap, reveling in how good it feels, and when she races around, encouraging me to play with her when I’m veering towards stressing out.

Look around you…sometimes fur babies and sisters-in-law have just the thing to help us breathe and know everything’s going to be ok. But you have to slow down to really notice it. 💜

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