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No Small Wonder

The other day, I received a mediumship reading where my grandfather came through. One of his messages for me was that I have a tight-knit group of loved ones on the other side looking out for me, that they are ready and waiting to help, and I can reach out to them any time.

It felt so amazing to receive that message of total love and support. Afterwards, I picked up my phone and carried it to the living room. As I set the phone down, I saw that iTunes had opened up, and it was waiting for me to play a song called “Never Gone,” which I haven’t listened to in a long time. I was pretty sure my fingers hadn’t touched the iTunes app, but there it was showing a song that includes the lyrics, “I’m still standing here, no I didn’t disappear…with you all along.” I played it and it felt like my relatives on the other side were all underscoring my grandfather’s message, making sure I really heard it.

I sat and listened, elated and feeling all the love. When the song ended, I realized iTunes was probably on shuffle and I excitedly thought, I wonder what will play next? I was stunned when I heard the first few notes of the next song, a tune that’s a special sign to me from my friend Diana on the other side. I stood frozen in time, just listening and taking it all in, filling up with gratitude.

It all made me love the act of wondering even more than I had before. It’s such a powerful tool that’s so easy to use. When you purely wonder, you’re not attached to an outcome and you’re super-open, which is a terrific combo.

Six years ago when I traveled to Bimini to swim with wild dolphins, our group would sail out into the open sea every day for a week and wait for a pod to show up. One day we waited for hours, our longest wait yet. I sat on the deck of the boat, got still, and sent an intuitive signal to any dolphins out there. With an open heart, I wondered if they wanted to come and play. The answer I heard was, “Oh you have no idea what we have in store for you all!”

Shortly thereafter, a pod showed up and swam and played with us for the longest period of time that week. Apparently, they had us swimming in circles around the boat, but none of us had realized it because we were too busy having the time of our lives. That day was way beyond anything I’d hoped for.

Months ago as I lay down in bed, I decided to intuitively send a message to our kitty Calla and tell her I love when she cuddles in bed with me at night. She rarely ever did it, and it had been ages since she even jumped onto the bed. Again, I kept my heart open and just put the message out there, wondering how she’d receive it. The next morning as soon as I woke up, Calla jumped onto the bed and curled up next to me. Her energy was a little begrudgingly like, “Ok here I am—I’ll hang out just for a little bit.” It was so clear she’d received the message and responded on her own terms, and I loved her for it. Cut to now, months and months after the fact, where she sleeps with me every single night and does nothing but purr, cuddle, and snooze happily. I never dreamed that would happen.

Here's the wonder formula: First, know that they are there. They can be people or animals on the other side, guides, angels, the universe, sea creatures, you name it. They are there and they are listening. Know it for sure. Second, put your desire out there but leave it open and excited about the surprise to come. Like you’ve ordered something and you don’t know when exactly it’ll arrive or what it will look like, but you know it’ll be amazing. There’s always someone or something receiving our wonder and kicking it back all magic-ed up.

The best part? This vibration is always available to us—without limits—because truly wonders never cease. 💜

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