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DeliveryRank Interview: Animal Communication

Originally published by DeliveryRank. Written by Sarah Kirton.

Julie Ulrich shares with us her knowledge and experience of communicating with animals, both for the benefit of pets and people. She offers Reiki and Intuitive Readings for animals and humans.

interview about intuitive animal communication and animal Reiki

How and why were you first drawn to animal communication?

It all began when I started my Reiki practice for people and animals back in 2015. Reiki is a gentle, energy-healing modality that can be done remotely. My very first client was a woman who lived upstate from me and wanted Reiki sessions for her three senior cats.

One day when I was in the middle of doing a distance Reiki session for her cat Barney, I heard a voice say “I like plants!” It happened out of nowhere, and I was alone in my apartment at the time, so I thought it was very odd. A moment later, I saw a picture of cat grass in my mind’s eye, and I somehow knew that Barney wanted his person to buy him cat grass to chew on. It felt like a very direct message from Barney to me, and I was stunned.

I then went on to receive messages from Barney’s sister Betty and his brother Snowflake during Reiki sessions as well. I mustered up the courage to share with my client what I felt her cats were telling me, and she confirmed all of the information I’d received. Apparently, Barney loved cat grass and she’d been meaning to buy him more.

I was intrigued, so I decided to study intuitive animal communication and become certified in it. I’m so glad I did – doing readings has been like opening a door to a world I never knew we could have access to, full of animal wisdom and unconditional love.

Do you believe that animal communication and energy work can surpass Western medicine in certain/most cases?

I would never say the work I do trumps veterinary care, which can be so important to our pets’ continued health. Intuitive animal communication and Reiki are really good supplements, though. Energy work can offer emotional and physical comfort and support our animals’ own innate healing abilities.

In an animal communication reading, I can ask your pet how he or she is physically feeling and get their own perspective on their health and life journey. That deeper understanding can be very helpful to us humans who often feel in the dark about what’s best for our pets and what they’re really thinking and feeling.

In your opinion, should every pet owner strive to communicate with their animal(s) for optimal well-being?

I actually believe that if you love and care for a pet, you’re most likely receiving some intuitive messages from them already – you just may not be consciously aware of it! Animals intuitively communicate with each other all the time, and it’s very natural for them.

If an animal is part of your family, you’re their herd or pack, so they’ll intuitively communicate with you and send you messages that way and through their physical behavior. In our current times, it’s easy for humans to be preoccupied and distracted which can make it harder for us to connect with our intuitive abilities. So, the more we can try to clear our minds and go into our hearts, the more we’ll be open to receiving messages from our animals.

I suggest doing whatever works for you – deep breaths, meditation, exercise…whatever makes you feel open and free of stress and worry. The more we can connect with animals from a clear, open-heart space, the deeper and more rewarding our relationships with them will be.

What exactly is a Soul Level Animal Communication™ Reading and how do you proceed with your clients?

I do most readings via the phone because the energy works great that way, and I like to have as little information going into a reading as possible. The first thing I do on the call is to connect with the person’s energy because their energy is connected to their animal’s energy. After a few minutes of doing a mini-reading of the person, I then invite their pet’s energy in and ask the animal’s permission to talk (most animals are super eager to!).

The animal usually shows me their personality and things they love to do, which I relay to my client. Then the client can ask any questions they have for their animal, and I give them the answers straight from their pet.

The “soul level” part of the reading is when I talk to the animal about what they’re helping their person with. Since animals are super in tune with our energy, they can tell when we may be out of balance in some way, and they know what we can do to make little shifts to become more centered, happy, and peaceful.

Many animals want their people to stop worrying or stressing about stuff and spend more time in the present, and more time finding joy. They have so much wisdom around this, always coming from a place of pure love for their person.

In your experience, do most pets feel “unheard”?

In general, my clients’ pets don’t usually tell me they feel unheard because they’re so loved and well taken care of. Animals are pretty much always excited and thrilled to get a chance to really express themselves in a reading though because they love deepening their relationships with us just as much as we love deepening our connections with them.

I do however feel that wild animals can often feel unheard, wishing that humans cared to understand them more, respect them more, and take greater care of the planet.

What has been the most rewarding experience in working with pets and their people?

I think one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences for me is when I do readings for clients who are grieving a pet who has crossed over. I know how really difficult the loss of a pet can be, and I love to be able to connect with an animal on the other side and confirm that their energy is still connected to my client.

One time in a reading, a client asked if her dog was ok on the other side, and her dog answered by showing me an image of herself dancing in a tutu. The message was one of pure joy, showing that she was absolutely doing great.

A week later, I received an email from the client who told me she’d gone on a walk and came upon a woman walking a dog who was wearing a tutu. This dog was identical to my client’s pup on the other side, and the woman asked my client if she’d like to pick the dog up and hold her.

As my client held the dog in a tutu, she felt tons of love pouring into her heart from her dog on the other side and truly knew her dog was with her. This is how amazingly good animals are at getting their messages across – all we need to do is be open to it!

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