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It's High Vibrations, Charlie Brown

The other day, I watched one of those Buzzfeed videos where they give an actor cute animals to play with during an interview. It was Kumail Nanjiani in this one, all bulked up from his role in Eternals. His voice immediately went soft as he held a tiny kitten. He repeatedly gave her gentle kisses on the top of her head and became a puddle of mush as more kittens were handed to him. I loved the contrast of brute strength and sweet purring kittens. And that his energy immediately mirrored the energy of the tiny animals around him.

When I turned on the TV later that evening, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown appeared on the screen. My heart melted as soon as I saw the gang, remembering how Linus’s unending blind faith that the Great Pumpkin would appear had made me feel as a kid—like I loved Linus (and his big heart) as deeply as a soul mate. In that moment, after rushing around all day, everything came back to center and I felt a rush of love and compassion.

Several years ago, while experiencing a bout of chronic fatigue and feeling super low, my friend Diana did a distance energy healing session for me. As I lay on my bed with my eyes closed, I could feel the gentle energy move through different parts of my body, when all of a sudden, I burst out laughing. There was nothing funny about the situation and nothing funny I could think of at the time. It was just pure laughter coming out of me, and it was clear I was becoming unblocked in some a lower vibration was shifted and a super-high one came in that was pure joy. It wasn’t just a chuckle—the laughter went on and on, and it felt freaking amazing.

A couple of months ago, I woke up tired and kind of glum one morning. During my meditation, I asked my spirit team, including Diana who is now on the other side, to help me shift my energy and raise my vibration. As I slowly breathed through my chakra visualization, I got to the throat chakra and suddenly burst out laughing. There was no reason for me to laugh in that moment, and I felt like I couldn’t stop. I hadn’t thought in ages of that day years ago when I laughed in the middle of the energy healing session. But it was so clear that Diana was at it again, and her gentle magic had healed me once more.

How fortunate are we that everything from sweet TV shows and animals to good friends and Reiki sessions can alter our mood and raise our vibration? The shift happens super easily and naturally, too. That’s why it’s so great we’re made of energy. Just a subtle shift can make an impact.

In those Buzzfeed videos with puppies and kittens, there is a common theme, no matter who is being interviewed. At some point the actor always asks, “What was the question again?” because the animals draw them into the present and all the magic of their sweet connection, making everything else feel less pressing. A high vibration in the present moment is the best recipe for health, wellness, balance, and peace. It’s a releasing of low-vibration stress and worry, and it helps us come back to ourselves and pure love.

In this week of gratitude, high vibrations are all around. I’m grateful for those Buzzfeed videos that feature kittens and puppies up for adoption. I’m grateful for my cat Calla who’s snuggled up against me right now with a calming, mesmerizing purr. And I’m so thankful for every one of you who joins me in celebrating the magic of energy, exploring intuition, and the gifts animals bring to our lives. I wish you all a happy, healthy Thanksgiving packed with tons of soft-kitten-Charlie-Brown vibes. 🧡🍁

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